I tried some orange wine this past weekend at …

I tried some orange wine this past weekend at a trendy wine bar in DC. It was great! I highly recommend it for summer sipping. 

What is orange wne, you ask? Basically, it is a “fourth color” of wine, along with the usual suspects: red, white and rosé. The orange color comes from having the grape must (freshly crushed grape juice) in contact with the skins for a longer period of time than


wines. This contact occurs in clay containers–a method of winemaking which has been used since 6000 BCE in Georgia (the country, not the US state). 

Orange wines commonly come from Italy, Georgia, Slovenia, France and Austria in the Old World, but more New World countries such as the US, South Africa, and Australia are joining in on producing orange wine. If you want to learn more, Wine Folly has you covered, of course. Seriously, try some if you haven’t already; it’s great!