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Get outside and let your freak flag fly! 🎪☀️#…

Get outside and let your freak flag fly! 🎪☀️#drinkwine #sunshine #saturday #greenpoint (at Dandelion Wine)



Cooler days and cooler nights led us to think about wines that, for whatever reason, seem like good ideas in early Autumn. More on that below. Behind the bar this week – our very own Robert Michael (pictured above looking dapper as usual for the NYT)! And as always, Gabey Baby on the wheels of steel, cheese from Eastern District, andbread from She-Wolf Bakery.  Dandy wants to rake the leaves with you!

Horse & Plow, ‘Drafthorse White’  2015 Northern Cali

Horse and Plow make hand crafted, authentic wines from northern California. The Draft Horse White is a crisp and very dry wine from organic, cool climate vineyards in Carneros and around Napa Valley. A natural, fresh-tasting blend of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Riesling, this stuff has a little of almost every orchard fruit (apples, pears, peaches) I can think of, along with a little flint, rose petal and spice. And for a natural white, it’s extremely affordable.  15 bucks?! Szechuan anyone? Fun fact: there were only 200 cases of this wine produced, which means we have 2½ percent of the total production of this vintage. $15

La Stoppa, ‘Ageno’ 2014 Emilia Bianco

Orange alert! Organic Malvasia from Emilia–Romagna, an area well known for Lambrusco and balsamic vinegar but which in fact offers a lot of amazing wine. The varieties are co-planted and the fruit sees 3-6 months on the skins, and the wine is aged 3 years before release. The historic estate consists of an ancient medieval tower, 28 acres of oak, chestnut, and locust trees and 30 acres under vine, first planted one hundred years ago by the previous owner, Giancarlo Ageno. Today the winery is led by Elena Pantaleoni, a mentor to Arianna Occhipinti when she was a student nearby. The combination of poor soil and old vines lead to naturally low yields and allow for minimal work in the cellar, where the process is one of guiding a wine to bottle rather than manipulation. Smoke, orange peel, dried apricot and almond – intense, yet quite well balanced. The last vintage was a critics’ darling – I like this one even better. $48

Bodegas Gutiérrez Colosio, Oloroso Sangre Y Trabajadero NV

One of the most iconic wines of Jerez, this is, like most sherries, among the very driest white wines in the world. The solera was originally in Jerez located on Calle Sangre, “the street of the butchers.” Today, Colosia runs it out of Cadiz. As it so often is in the Sherry triangle, it’s all about location. As Peter Liem explains, “The Gutierrez bodega benefits from a prime location, virtually on the banks of the Guadalete River, close to where it empties into the Bay of Cadiz. The winery is separated from the water only by the Avenida Bajamar and a parking lot on the other side of the street, and due to the resulting humidity, the flor is particularly active here.” Juan Carlos Gutierrez goes further, saying “In Sanlucar they talk about being close to the sea, but nobody is closer to the sea than we are.” Complex, powerful and full-bodied, the Sangre has notes of almond, leather, burnt orange of course, the ocean with an elegant, persistent & spicy finish. We’ve poured this for you recently, but couldn’t resist bringing it back again. $23

Swick Wines, ‘Bring It’ Northwest Red Blend 2017

Joe Swick is a 5th generation Oregonian from Portland who worked his first harvest in 2003, and then travelled all over the world doing the same in far-flung places like Portugal and Tasmania, returning in 2013 to start Swick Wines in the Willamette Valley. He works with fruit from organic vineyards and all the wines have zero sulfur added. ‘Bring It’ is a wild ride – half pinot, a bit of all the other red grapes Joe uses (Malbec, Cinsault, Syrah, Graciano, Mourvedre, etc), and some skin-contact Pinot Gris! All of this is free-run juice that blends well together for a lighter wine. Notes of both fresh and burnt cherry as well as black plum and granite mingle with musky and grassy flavors. Very natural, very complicated, lots of fun. Like a wine Jenga that won’t fall down. $28

TASTING TONIGHT!🍷 All the colors of autumn 🍂…

TASTING TONIGHT!🍷 All the colors of autumn 🍂 Red, White, Orange, and Sherry! Plus DJ @shiddywizard on the wheels of steel… and 🧀 from @eastrict and 🥖 from @shewolfbakery 6-8PM!!! XO #drinkwine #winetasting #greenpoint #bringit #orangewine #sherry (at Dandelion Wine)

Picnic anyone? 🥖🧀🍇🥗 #drinkwine #naturalwin…

Picnic anyone? 🥖🧀🍇🥗 #drinkwine #naturalwine #summertime #greenpoint #chilledredisthenewrosé #bringit (at Dandelion Wine)

It ain’t over til it’s over! 🌺🌞🌳🍷#drinkwin…

It ain’t over til it’s over! 🌺🌞🌳🍷#drinkwine #naturalwine #wahwah #chilledredisthenewrosé #summer (at Dandelion Wine)

Farmer Walt of @starroutefarm says this: “Stil…

Farmer Walt of @starroutefarm says this: “Still amazing. That guy is genius!” #drinkwine #naturalwine #sfuso #cabernetfranc #veneto #farmerslovefarmers

You better believe it. ⚛️ #drinkwine #winesofs…

You better believe it. ⚛️ #drinkwine #winesofsubstance #washingtonstate #cabernetsauvignon #sauvignonblanc #sciencedoesntcarewhatyoubelieve (at Dandelion Wine)

PARTY TIME PEOPLE! #popbottles ✨🍾✨🍾✨🍾✨🍾✨🍾…

PARTY TIME PEOPLE! #popbottles ✨🍾✨🍾✨🍾✨🍾✨🍾✨ @dandywineshop (at Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

The line up. 🍾🥃🍷 THURSDAY NIGHT TASTING 6-8…

The line up. 🍾🥃🍷 THURSDAY NIGHT TASTING 6-8PM: Bubbles, Sherry, and Red Red Wine with @bencarsonnyc of @oleimports and @obrigadovinhos #drinkwine #winetasting #greenpoint #pinkbubbly #manzanilla #tempranillo #touriga #spain #portugal Plus 🧀 (at Dandelion Wine)



seems like it’s Fall? Kind of a strange start but… we’re always happy
to be in New York, so let’s taste some wine and hang out with our
friends. This week behind the bar at Dandelion we have Master of
Disaster Ben Carson of Olé & Obrigado.  

always, cheese and bread and carefully programmed vinyl courtesy of our
in-house DJ Gabey Baby. Dandelion thinks you deserve another vacation
this year!

Caves São João, Espumante Rosado Bruto 2016

certain wine director we know used to give this instruction to his
staff at a shmancy joint downtown: “If they don’t know what they want,
the answer is bubbles. If they don’t know what they’re eating, the
answer is bubbles. If they don’t like that answer, the answer is pink
bubbles.” Our new everyday favorite bub is indeed pink, and bone dry,
and comes from one of the most interesting wineries in Portugal. The
grapes are Baga,Touriga Nacional, and Cabernet Sauvignon, all planted in
clay and limestone, less than 20 km from the Atlantic Ocean, where they
are battered by the northern Atlantic winds for which the area is well
known. Drink on its own, with fried seafood, or anything that wants a
little freshness and sparkle. Bright strawberry and red raspberry on the
mid palate, complemented by mineral, white pepper and more floral
tones. Racy acidity cuts a beam through the middle. $21

Orleans Borbon Manzanilla, Jerez

of the driest wines in the world come from the small, magical fishing
village of San Lucar, and this is largely because this place is entirely
below sea level. Palomino is the grape and the wines are called
Manzanilla, also the word for Chamomile(!). They’re bracing and complex,
with salty seaside aromas and they’re very refreshing on the palate,
with notes of citrus and almond skin. Classically paired with small
fish, almonds, olives and yes, potato chips – I’d also include tacos as a
go-to companion.   Infantes de Orleans de Borbons is owned by the
Spanish Royal Family and until very recently, these wines were basically
unavailable to the public.  Thankfully that’s over now. And a guy named
Mike who sells wine in Boston once explained to me that it’s pretty fun
to have an ice-cold bottle of this in your hand when grilling… and
that, turned out to be true. I’m still planning to grill in the fall, so
this will definitely be in stock. Manzanilla like this should be
consumed like any fine white wine: with delicious food and better
company. $13

Vinhos FitaPreta, Alentejo A Touriga Vai Nua Tinto Unoaked

pretty rare to see a single varietal wine like this out of Portugal,
the land of field blends. In this case it’s Touriga Nacional that master
winemaker Antonio Maçanita has chosen to spotlight. A Touriga Vai Nua,
or The ‘King’ Goes Naked uses the warmth and ripeness of the Alentejo to
great effect in this fresh yet lush expression of Portugal’s most
well-known grape. Like all of the wines from Fita Preta, this is
unapologetically of and from the terroir of the Alentejo- warm, lush,
ripe fruit. But by doing a partial carbonic maceration, whole cluster
fermentation, and a mere 3 month elevage in stainless steel, he manages
to create an expression of Touriga that is fresh, light on its feet, and
extremely versatile – both classic and new all at once. This, as he
says, is “Touriga as only winemakers have tasted it,” before it sees any
wood or further adulteration (naked). An unmitigated look at terroir
and varietal. Let’s get back to the still-grilling part of our
discussion. With it’s complex, bright and deep mix of red and black
berry notes and bloody mineral core, this wine screams for barbecue, in
particular pork loin or spare ribs. It would also be fantastic with the
cheese we’ll have out for you. $25

Bodegas Torremoron, Ribera del Duero Tempranillo 2016

del Duero fruit from the truly tiny, almost medieval village of
Quintanamanvirgo. There are less than a hundred souls in this historic
winemaking outpost on the high plains. The kids are leaving and the
adults mostly make this single wine – when they’re not setting old vines
on fire to roast milk-fed calves, or partying in the deep cellears
where they store the wine. Quintanamanvirgo has only two businesses: the
bar and the winery. If you ever want to experience and taste the
authentic personality of Ribera del Duero, head directly for this town
and ask for Fernando de la Cal. When you meet him, ask him to show you
his vineyards and his family cave where wine was made in the 1800’s. The
vines here date back to the 1910’s. Torremorón is a genuine wine, one
of the most pure expressions of Tempranillo (aka Tinto Fino) that you’ll
come across. Fresh black and blue fruit aromas are lifted and sharpened
by a peppery note and a suggestion of smoky minerals. Seamless and
expressive, with no rough edges and a long, gently tannic finish that
echoes a blueberry note. This would pair well with Thai beef salad,
marinated Korean BBQ pork, Peking duck and meat or chicken dishes with a
piquant play of spices. Help yourself to a rustic and wild wine that’s a
truly rare value. $14