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TASTING TONIGHT 6-8PM! There’s a lot going on today! @gretathunberg sailed into New York harbor this morning! It’s @lucylu_bk ’s Birthday! And, our amazing friend @michelesveds from @regalwineny is behind the Lions Club Bar tonight! (Did we mention she is a Master of Wine candidate?) We recently had to put together a six-pack for a roof-party we’re attending this Saturday in Manhattan. (We know, but what can we say? The hosts are visiting from LA; they don’t know.) Anyway, we always like to bring two of everything to a get-together so everyone gets to try everything, and we only wanted to carry a sixer, and we didn’t want to break the bank SOOOO… What were the best, most affordable, red, white and bubbly in the store?? They turned out to all be from @regalwineny and SO, we rescheduled what we were planning for tonight and @michelesveds graciously agreed to pour at the last-minute. Here they are! 👉👉👉👉Inspired by our own picks for said rooftop party, this lineup is Labor Day Dope! VIVA WINE, BREAD, CHEESE, and VINYL! ⛵️🍷🍾🥖🧀🎶 #drinkwine #gascony🇫🇷 #gascogne #petitmanseng #petitcorbu #🇪🇸 #cava #coca #vermell #sicily🇮🇹 #nerodavola #organicwine #greenpoint #eastriver #dandylovesyou (at Dandelion Wine)