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We have the founder of La Luz Selections and the OG Sherry Queen of NYC behind the bar tonight… our dear friend Kerin Auth Bembry. She will be sharing 2 refreshing white wines from Noelia de Paz and 2 wines from grower-sherry producer Callejuela! Come cool down and taste the good stuff with us tonight!


Noelia was here not too long ago… do you remember her?! Of course you do. She and her wines are absolutely gorgeous.


Who doesn’t love Albariño? Green and yellow apple, sea spray and blueberry. Medium bodied, immediate richness of yellow fruit, mouth coating waxiness, honeysuckle – not your traditional “green” Albariño. Love the palate because it’s all about richness while still be light. The wine has creaminess, but retains cut at the same time. Hints of blue fruit on the finish. Drink with a lobster roll or some pan-seared scallops why don’t you? $24

TRASTO ALBARIN, Tierra de Leon

This wine has magic in it. Carambola, sweet fennel, hints of orange oil, yellow golden fruits leap from the glass and bind with sweet herbs. Serious depth on nose. Light to medium bodied, moderate acid, balanced, clean, dry. Hint of beeswax on the back end, golden fruit continues to grow on palate. This is excellent white wine, one might even mistake it for warm vintage dry Riesling, or Chenin Blanc. This is what I’ll be drinking by the glass tonight. $26


The chalky backroad vineyards of Sanlúcar de Barrameda (pic above)… the term “Salt of the Earth” comes to mind, don’t it?


100% (unfortified) Palomino that’s as decadent as a brand new Mercedes. We LOVE this wine. Thick skinned with a touch of tannin and lanolin, this waxy Palomino is the most intense and deep of the three single vineyard. Ok, maybe this is the wine I’ll be drinking by the glass later tonight… it’s truly hard to choose. Lucky for me (and you) we have all the dope wines open tonight. $28


Our new favorite beach wine and steak wine, yep, that’s right, this Manzanilla goes with just about anything. A delightfully playful, fruit forward Manzanilla with notes of pear, almond, celery and fennel, and a delicate hit of pungency. Soft floral notes and a luscious texture make this Manzanilla friendly and inviting, with or without food or a beach. Nicely chilled to be consumed all spring and summer long. Also throw a splash in the pot when steaming shellfish and garlic, or to finish any pan sauce. $25

TASTING TONIGHT! 6-8PM @kerinauth Queen Bee of @laluzselections will be behind the bar sharing knowledge and refreshing white wines @noelia_de_paz (and our favorite everyday Manzanilla @callejuela ) from Spain 🇪🇸🥂! Come taste! #drinkwine #laluzselections #albariño #albarin #palamino #manzanilla (at Dandelion Wine)

WINEMAKER @noelia_de_paz TASTING TONIGHT! 🍷❤️🇪🇸 Come meet the wonderful woman behind the wines tonight 6-8pm. We’ve got all 3 Trastos in the line-up including a tank sample of the rosé Noelia packed in her suitcase 🧳! “Trasto” means “naughty” by the way, these wines are wickedly delicious. Don’t miss it! @laluzselections @bonhomiewine #drinkwine #winetasting #greenpoint #winemaker #womeninwine #laluzselections #spain #castillayleón #tierradeleón #trasto #prietopicudo #albarín #rosé #tinto #blanco (at Dandelion Wine)



It looks like an Age of Winemakers. If there was an Age of Houses, an Age of Terroir, an Age of Chaos perhaps…. Today the spotlight seems to shine brighter with each passing vintage on the previously unheralded artisans behind the wines. And a fair number of the more interesting among them sport rather dramatic facial hair, but no one has a beard as kingly as Raúl Pérez, the genius behind so many contemporary Spanish treasures. The wines of course, are equally arresting – we had the rare opportunity recently to taste more of them than anyone ever has before. There were long verticals of his most well-known bottlings and entire roomful of “rarities and B-sides”. We’ll never be the same and we now strongly suggest that you join us at The Lions Club (aka our bar in the back of the shop) to taste through some of of our favorites right away! Your guide is our old friend Steven “Smartypants” Van Haren of Skurnik Wines, who recently told me he sometimes feels like the New York market has entered the mirror stage.  All these wines are organic. Pérez himself won’t call them natural but a lot of other people would.  


Bodegas y Viñedos Raúl Pérez, Ultreia Saint Jacques Bierzo 2017:

One of our favorite Pérez wines is also one of the most affordable! The wines in the Ultreia series follow the Burgundy model: a pair of entry-level “village” wines from multiple sites and then a collection of single-vineyard expressions. And the Saint Jacques is one of these “village” wines. The majority of these vineyards are located in the village of Valtuille de Abajo, where the Pérez family has lived and worked for generations. We could drink this easy-going, deep red fruited Mencia every day.  $23

Atalier by Raúl Pérez, Rías Baixas A Cruz Das Ánimas 2017:

Raúl says that when he decided to work in Ríax Baixas he first took advice from his old friend, a master there, and his frequent collaborator Rodri Méndez of the Forjas del Salnés estate in the Val do Salnés subzone. (You may have noticed we’ve been carrying Rodri’s Forjas del Salnés Leirana Albariño recently.) The Atalier is an exciting new Rías Baixas Albariño project between the two of them.  This wine balances a piercing, daylight-clear acidity with a surprising minerality – the point of a knife. Turns on a dime. $29

Bodegas y Viñedos Raúl Pérez, Vino de la Tierra de León Blanco Rara Avis 2013:

There’s not another wine even close to being like this. It’s Albarin – not Albariño – and it’s raised under flor but not in Jerez of course. Confusing – yes. But flor grows in more places than we imagine – it’s just usually killed off by the winemaker.  In this case, Perez found an old bodega – above ground, but stone – where wine has been being made in a fairly hands-off manner for so long that, forgive me, The Flor is Strong in This One. But it’s not Sherry, it’s not Palomino, it’s not fortified, and the yellow and white fruit is beautifully preserved, almost crystalline. Check it!  $60  

Bodegas y Viñedos Raúl Pérez, Rías Baixas Albariño ‘Sketch’, 2016:

The final wine in this collection is Sketch Albariño, undoubtedly Raúl’s most famous bottling. Contrary to popular belief and, indeed, some reports in major media outlets, this wine is not aged underwater, although Lily has distinct and fond memories of Raúl scuba diving off a boat for a couple cold bottles for lunch several years ago.. perhaps a private personal stash? It is, however, one of the finest white wines produced in Spain, and demand for it always outpaces supply… Albariño from Rías Baixas can remind a lot of us of what historically, has been the world’s greatest white wine. Pérez is no stranger to these waters (he knew exactly where those bottles were), and while it’s hard to know for sure what these “sketches” are of, for us they’re a reflection-in-a-glass-salty of Puligny-Montrachet. Arriving today!