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🥂THURSDAY NIGHT TASTING PARTY 6-8PM🥂 We’re popping more than a dozen different bottles of bubbly for you to taste! Some might say it’s the best tasting of the year… and it’s also our last tasting of the year, of the DECADE!, so don’t miss it! Dandy loves you! 🍾🍾🍾🍾 #drinkwine #drinkbubbly #popbottles #Champagne #Cava #Cremant #Greenpoint #dandylovesyou (at Dandelion Wine)

Cute pic of us in @nytimes this week! Thanks @ericasimov We will be open all weekend and all next week to help you make some wine choices! Champagne! Cava! Sherry! Vermouth! All great ideas… the most important thing to remember really, is to buy enough! You don’t want to run out… 😱🍾🍷😍 #drinkwine #champagne #sherry #vermouth #cava #cider #nywine #thanksgiving #greenpoint #dandylovesyou (at Dandelion Wine)



There’s a lot going on today! Greta Thunberg sailed into New York harbor this morning! It’s Lucy’s Birthday! (It’s also Charlie Parker’s Birthday!) And, our amazing friend Michele from Regal is behind the Lions Club Bar
tonight! (Did we mention she is a Master of Wine
candidate?) Honestly? Get ready… We recently had to put together a
six-pack for a roof-party we’re attending in this Saturday in
Manhattan. (We know, but what can we say? The hosts are visiting from
LA; they don’t know.) Anyway, we always like to bring two of everything
to a get-together so everyone gets to try everything, and we only wanted
to carry a sixer, and we didn’t want to break the bank SOOOO… What
were the best, most affordable, red, white and bubbly in the
store?? They turned out to all be from the same source, and SO, we
rescheduled what we were planning for tonight and Michele graciously
agreed to pour at the last-minute. Here they are! Inspired by our own
picks for said rooftop party this Saturday night, this lineup is Labor Day Dope! This is your 3-day buying opportunity right here babies! It’s a cool 65 degrees in the Shrine of Wine: POPULATION YOU TONIGHT! VIVA WINE, BREAD, CHEESE, and VINYL!

Château Bouscasse, Les Jardins Philosophiques 2014 & 2015

Can you say Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh Sec? Us
neither – and who cares! At $20, this complex, mineral, magic and very
dry version of this Gascon classic may have you asking “Is this the best
cheese pairing ever?” When our friend Dave Macaninch came back from Gascony we were reminded of this almost lost gem of a wine. Most versions are too sweet for American palates, but this very dry bottle from superstar winemaker Alain Dumont KILLS IT. Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh is the appellation for whites in the region. The
wines are fascinating, deeply textured affairs that go well with river
fish, cured meats, or of course, the duck which the area is famous
for. The most classic pairing is probably Fois Gras with one of the
off-dry versions. This one – from petitcorbu and petitmanseng – is dry
and quite deep. First day it shows an amazing complexity, second day it
settles into a beautiful version of white Burgundy at half the
price. Second day! Yes, another great example of whites evolving after
opening in the fridge! You can also decant to get to this place. We’ll
have both the ’14 and the ’15 for you to compare. We don’t mind telling you we had to make a special effort to keep this baby at… $20!!!!

Castellroig, Cava Brut Vermell 2016

There’s just not a lot of Vermell in the world. This nearly extinct grape has been revived recently by Partida Creus, Rene Barbier, and, here, Castellroig in the Penedes, who are part of the new, better Cava DO Corpinnat. The wine has a slightly orange hue from gentle skin contact with this gris grape. We
love the taste of pale peach and smoky orange peel. Very dry, but not
overly acidic, this is a mellow sparkler suited for our favorite
situation: just chillin’. Amazing, Organic. $27

Di Giovanna, Siciliani Nero d’Avola 2017

plum, herbal notes and licorice. Easy drinking, classic Nero
d’Avola. We’re very happy to have a new, affordable, ORGANIC, Nero
d’Avola. The estate is near the city of Sambuca, the setting of
Visconti’s epic masterpiece, The Leopard. With vineyards located high above the floating land, at the base of a rough cliff,
two brothers fight for the culture this land once represented. Getting
there is a different story: Only after substantial damage to the bottom
of your car, or a long hike will you be able to access these beautifully
remote high altitude vineyards that are managed in full respect of
organic farming principles. What a view though! The Di Giovanna’s have been viticulturist for more than 5 generations in Sicily,
which explains the extreme passion with which Gunther and Klaus
approach their daily task. Father Sicilian, mother German results in an
energetic though slightly atypical mix of hard working attitude and
straight-shooting intuition. Riccardo Cotarella helps with the winemaking here. Organic, SwissArmyKnife. $14

TASTING TONIGHT 6-8PM! There’s a lot going on today! @gretathunberg sailed into New York harbor this morning! It’s @lucylu_bk ’s Birthday! And, our amazing friend @michelesveds from @regalwineny is behind the Lions Club Bar tonight! (Did we mention she is a Master of Wine candidate?) We recently had to put together a six-pack for a roof-party we’re attending this Saturday in Manhattan. (We know, but what can we say? The hosts are visiting from LA; they don’t know.) Anyway, we always like to bring two of everything to a get-together so everyone gets to try everything, and we only wanted to carry a sixer, and we didn’t want to break the bank SOOOO… What were the best, most affordable, red, white and bubbly in the store?? They turned out to all be from @regalwineny and SO, we rescheduled what we were planning for tonight and @michelesveds graciously agreed to pour at the last-minute. Here they are! 👉👉👉👉Inspired by our own picks for said rooftop party, this lineup is Labor Day Dope! VIVA WINE, BREAD, CHEESE, and VINYL! ⛵️🍷🍾🥖🧀🎶 #drinkwine #gascony🇫🇷 #gascogne #petitmanseng #petitcorbu #🇪🇸 #cava #coca #vermell #sicily🇮🇹 #nerodavola #organicwine #greenpoint #eastriver #dandylovesyou (at Dandelion Wine)


José Pastor Selections at the Lions Club Bar!

You might not have noticed but New York City right now is the best place to drink wine ever! And José Pastor is a good example of why; bringing us wines that are made without destroying people or the planet, from vines that grow in harmony with the ecosystem and geology around them. It’s true everyone’s been talking about “wines of place” forever but still, we get closer and closer. And that’s why we tend toward wines that come and go quickly. They’re real agricultural products made in small batches. José Pastor is a great example of that. And our pal Nick (also the founder and host of En Rama, the world’s greatest and only pop-up Sherry bar) will be behind the bar tonight pouring some truly amazing wines from Spain & one from Portugal – also amazing, naturally. There’s deep red from Lisboa, there’s killer Godello from Valdeorras, there’s one of the world’s finest Cava, and there’s a still white from one of the Cava grapes, Xarel-lo.  


Júlia Bernet, Cava Brut Nature Ingenius (NV)

In the small Catalan town of Subirats lives a wine grower by the name of Xavier Bernet. Here at his winery, named for his daughter Julia, he produces Cava with poise and precision. These are pure wines indicative of terroir and varietal, part of a small yet growing movement to help restore the reputation of Cava as fine wine, associated with the CORPINNAT movement away from commercial winemaking.  After separate vinification of “Xarel·lo” and “Chardonnay” grapes, the cuvee is made up of 80% of “Xarel·lo” and 20% of Chardonnay grapes, then elaborated in the traditional method.  Drink this anytime, with or without anything.  Organic, no sulfites added, minimum 18 months in bottle.   $20

Joan Rubio, Essencial Xarel-lo

Xarel-lo has been mostly known here as a Cava grape, but still wines have always been made and more and more they make their way to us.  This one is – how shall we say? – particularly dope!  Rubio was making wine at Recaredo, another favorite Cava house, for years.  He’s only been making wine under his own name since 2015.  Joan has recovered the old facilities where his grandparents made wine from the grapes on their small estate and  practices biodynamic agriculture, with minimal tilling and leaving vegetation cover in place.  In the winery everything works by gravity, draining and not pressing, with as little intervention as possible, thereby obtaining wines that are sincere and highly authentic.  Essencial is a natural white from three small vineyards planted in chalky soils, a fluid wine that is fresh and crisp with an intense floral nose. The palate is silky with a very long finish. Organic, biodynamic.  $20  

Adega Regional de Colares, Chão Rijo Lisboa Tinto 2015

Vivid cherry and leather Tempranillo from near Lisbon.  Colares is in a beautiful area right on the ocean, a choice place for city dwellers to create weekend homes. For the past fifty or so years, vineyards have been replaced by beach houses, chipping away at the Colares DO (a mere 12 acres remain). Because of the sandy soils, Colares was able to escape phylloxera and is the only region in Portugal where American rootstock didn’t need to be extensively used. Planting the vines is painstaking; you dig into the sand until you hit clay, which can be a far as nine feet down. The combination of the work involved with maintaining the vineyards and the value of the real estate has threatened the vineyards with extinction. Thankfully, Adega Regional de Colares is putting enormous energy into keeping Colares alive. The wines are impeccably balanced with a sandy texture and vivid flavors that could only come from the influence of the Atlantic.  Lutte Raisonée.  $20

Vina Somoza, Valdeorras Godello Neno 2015

Vibrant acidity, fresh stone fruit, striking mineralogy and overall balance and beauty make this our pick for Godello of the year! Viña Somoza was founded in 2001 by Victor Fernández with the goal of recovering vineyards in Valdorras to preserve Galician traditions of winemaking. They have made numerous technical strides in the cellar over the years, especially with the recent hiring of Javier García Alonso in 2015. The majority of their plantings are Godello, however, Javier has also been working with some red varietals since he came aboard, such as Mencía, Garnacha Tintorera, and the nearly forgotten Brancellao.  He currently spends a day or two each week in Galicia working with the Somoza wines; the rest of his week is spent up in the Sierra de Gredos mountain range, tending to his remote Albillo and Garnacha vines for his other project, 4 Monos.  The Neno is 100% Godello from several parcels with varied soils, elevations and expositions.   Organic.  $25

🍷TASTING TONIGHT 6-8PM🍷 @nickafricano is behind the bar pouring stellar Spanish and Portuguese bottles from @jpselections These wines are small batch beauties that you’re gonna wanna taste! Plus 🧀 @mongerspalate 🥖 @shewolfbakery and 🎶 @officialphilcollins 🤷‍♀️ #dandylovesyou #greenpoint #drinkwine #naturalwine #winetasting #cava #xarello #godello #valdeorras #chãorijo #lisboa (at Dandelion Wine)

BUBBLES BABY! ☀️🌈🍾🥂✨ #drinkwine #champagne #petnat #prosecco #cava #cremant #lambrusco #conca #franciacorta #frizzante #spumante (at Dandelion Wine)

Dope bubbles! 👅🍾 #drinkwine #cava #grandreserva #brutnature #leesplease #richbub #rosenthalwinemerchant (at Dandelion Wine)

Marqués de Cáceres Cava Brut

Helping with the Christmas tree… by drinking Cava under it. Lemon citrus notes, flowers, brioche bread, and leaf pie cookies on the nose. Similar on the palate. Fun to swig during the holidays!

4/5 bones



12% abv

Cava (Catalonia), SPAIN


Join us and Josie of MFW Wine Co. tonight from 6-8PM to sip on some of our favorite summer wines… and discover a new one that will surely surprise you; a modern twist on an ancient varietal. All that plus some sunny tunes on the turntable, bread, and cheese! Dandy loves you. XO


Cava is of course Spain’s most famous sparkling wine, made just southwest of Barcelona where it is often the drink of choice in the bars of the great city. Nothing like fresh, dry, bubbles to cut through the many flavors of Spanish tapas or ANY snacks for that matter. The grapes used for German Gilabert come from the highest elevation of the Penedès region which keeps the organic, native varietals fresh and bright with acidity.No sugar is added to this Cava which makes it a ‘Brut Nature’, and bone dry. However, 18+ months of lees contact makes this wine creamy with a texture reminiscent of Champagne. There’s ALWAYS SOMETHING to celebrate. One of the best values in the fridge at $17!


A favorite producer (Division Wine Company) making a favorite varietal (Chenin) in a favorite city (Portland). No surprise this is a favorite wine of ours… L’Isle Verte (The Green Island) is made from old-vine Chenin farmed in the Yakima Valley where the wild mix of soil types of this rock-n-roll site make for complex flavors.Remarkable freshness, snappy acidity, and an elegance that keeps you wanting more. A beautiful collage of yellow fruit (peach, white plum, lemon, quince) and a subtle beeswax-y finish keeps the balance in check. A beautiful wine to share while catching up with someone special over a heaping mezze platter. $27


Have you tried this yet? The second-ever vintage of Dandelion Wine’s very own rosé made for us by Division Wine Co. arrived fashionably late this year, but good things come to those who wait! Rolling Summer Rosé was a result of us wanting to make a rosé (or at least collaborate with an awesome winemaker or 2, enter Tom and Kate). The year prior to the first vintage, Lily, Meg, and Tom, all formerly of Dandelion, found themselves at a Rolling Stones bar in Paris together (‘Some Girls Bar’ on Rue du Lappe)… After one too many, they brainstormed an idea of opening a wine bar in Greenpoint that ONLY played the Rolling Stones or Donna Summer. The bar’s name was decided on Rolling Summer! This concept bar never happened, but that memory of them together in the city of lights will live forever. And this wine is a symbol of that moment. That said, this Gamay Rosé is lip-smacking love juice with lively acidity, loads of wild strawberry fruit, and a kiss of vanilla spice. Come taste the love. $25


And now for something new! KEEP WINES is Jack and Johanna. Jack works for Matthiason Wines and Johanna used to work for Broc Cellars, 2 natural producers in California that we love drinking and selling. KEEP’s land is in Napa, where they mostly grow Syrah, but the Counoise comes from a friend’s place in Sierra Foothills. Counoise is a grape variety that hails from the Rhône and is one of 13 varieties legally allowed in Chateauneuf du Pape wines. It’s often used as a minority blending grape in Rhône reds and Provençal rosés. This is a fun use of the grape. 100% Counoise (Koon-Wahz) made in the traditional carbonic method with zero sulfur added and unfiltered. Made naturally with low extraction and low alcohol, Jack calls this a “no hangover wine”. This wine should be served chilled and I think if you like sour beers, you’ll love this wine; delicate fruit forward wine with vibrant acidity. Fun fact: the castle on the label is a castle that is (mostly) still standing in Gloucestershire, where Jack’s father was born and raised.  $32