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Stocked up after a busy holiday weekend… see you soon! 🤩🥂 #drinkwine #dandylovesyou #greenpoint (at Dandelion Wine)

We’ve got @shewolfbakery bread and alllllllllllllllll the wine you need every damn day. Dandy loves you! #thankful #drinkwine #eatsourdough #dandylovesyou #greenpoint (at Dandelion Wine)

Cute pic of us in @nytimes this week! Thanks @ericasimov We will be open all weekend and all next week to help you make some wine choices! Champagne! Cava! Sherry! Vermouth! All great ideas… the most important thing to remember really, is to buy enough! You don’t want to run out… 😱🍾🍷😍 #drinkwine #champagne #sherry #vermouth #cava #cider #nywine #thanksgiving #greenpoint #dandylovesyou (at Dandelion Wine)

@masierogianfranco makes wild, exuberant and delicious natural wines on volcanic soil in Italy’s Veneto region. All these wines are organic, biodynamic and natural with no sulfites added. He’s assisted by daughter Giulia @giuliamasiero , who you might have met at the RAW Wine Fair this year. Azienda Masiero is situated in the Trinté hills between the Dolomites and Venetian plains, where Franco & Giulia have recovered some amazing ancient vineyards. With each vintage the Masiero family is moving closer to finding to showing the world the unique qualities in the terroir and grape varieties of the trinté. We love these wines for their direct, vibrant flavors and overall irrepressible natural vibes. Also Franco is a very cool guy – he says things like “Super Fantastic”. Come meet him and fight the gray with some liquid sunshine! 🌞🍷🍾🌋🥖🧀🎶 #drinkwine #naturalwine #meetthemaker #winemaker #italianwine #veneto #orangewine #garganega #petnat #pinotgrigio #cabernetfranc #greenpoint #winetasting #dandylovesyou (at Dandelion Wine)

🍾🇫🇷 TASTING TONIGHT 6-8PM! 🇫🇷🍾 @alvar0l0pez @polanerselections will be popping bottles nonstop for 2 hours tonight! CHAMPAGNE CHAMPAGNE CHAMPAGNE CREMANT! We’d say it’s your lucky day. Come taste bubbles with us!!! Plus cheese! 🧀 #drinkwine #drinkbubbles #champagne #chardonnay #pinotmeunier #pinotnoir #cremant #loire #chenin #tistheseason #popbottles #fancypants #dandylovesyou #greenpoint (at Dandelion Wine)

It’s SHERRY WEEK and we like to party! Do you love Sherry? Did you know that these are among the driest wines in the world? That some of them taste like whiskey, and some taste like wine? We have more Sherry than ever at Dandelion Wine and it will ALL be open tonight. We’ll be here to help you find a glass and we’ll have over a dozen industry pros on hand to pour you some of the very best Sherry in the world today. #dandylovesyou #dandylikestoparty #drinkwine #drinksherry #sherryweek #sherryparty (at Dandelion Wine)

🍷TASTING TONIGHT! 6-8PM Winemaker alert! Garnacha is one of our favorite grapes here at Dandelion, and Montsant is one of this grape’s greatest terroirs.  One of our very favorite expressions these days is the exceptionally beautiful Altaroses from star winemaker Joan d’Anguera @cellers_joan_danguera
Joan himself will be behind the bar tonight to pour this gem and two other amazing Montsant wines for you!!! Do not miss this evening of deep and profound red wine!  Organic, biodynamic and natural.   XO #drinkwine #garnacha #montsant #spain #meetthemaker #checkoutthismanshands #dandylovesyou #greenpoint (at Dandelion Wine)

We can’t wait to walk outside and cheer one of our own @rmdesigns646 on one of the best days of the year in NYC. ❤️🏅🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️ #dandylovesyou #greenpoint #nyc #marathon (at Dandelion Wine)


F**K. Pedro Parra @pedroparraterroir is pouring at Dandelion tonight and we feel like, damn. True, we have had a lot of fantastic people in, and true, it’s not a competition. But, um, don’t miss this one?? Pedro Parra is a terroir consultant. He has a Ph.D. in terroir from the French Agricultural Institute in Paris. He regularly digs trenches in famous vineyards to figure out what the soil type is so he can tell the winemakers what to do. (Swipe 👉👉 for pics) He also makes his own wine in his native Chile, both under Pedro Parra y Familia and with some partners as Clos des Fous @closdesfous , which he’ll be focusing on tonight. Ok, we’re just going to pause here to say that the wineries he consults for around the world are a big deal, that he’s smarter about where wine flavors actually come from than anyone we’ve ever met, and also? People call him Dr. Terroir. Can you imagine how much of a badass you have to be for people to call you “Dr. Terroir” and for you not to look like a dick? The guy is all that. And the wines of course are super smart, very delicious, and amazingly affordable! Ever wondered what the deal really is with wine? Have ANY questions? Come taste a few of Pedro’s wines and ask him. That simple. Do not fail. Trust us when we tell you not to miss this. Oh, Pedro loves Jazz. And we’ll be playing jazz. Boring jazz? Dinner jazz? No, my sister. The kind of jazz where you slyly sidle up to the person you know best on the staff and, sotto voce, ask “which record is this?” when you don’t even know the artist. Matter of fact, we’ll be serving up WINE, BREAD, CHEESE, VINYL & LOVE! #drinkwine #dopewine #drterroir #pedroparra #chileanwine #closdefous #jazz #cheese #dandylovespedro #dandylovesyou (at Dandelion Wine)

@ciociajuni went upstate and drank a bunch of wine by the fire all weekend. 🍷🔥❤️🦟 Be sure to ask her about her new faves… #drinkwine #firesidechats #winebythefire #upstatevibes #bandol #mourvedre #willamettevalley #pinotnoir #welovewine #dandylovesyou