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Martin Miller’s Gin

If you want permission to come aboard my boat, you best be bringing some gin! (And don’t forget the lime.) This gin is Distilled in England with blended with Icelandic water. It smells of juniper, bitter orange peels, black licorice, and lots of orange. When you sip it, you’ll taste what you smelled, along with pine and some roots. This makes a great G&T, especially if you drop in a tea bag like from my friends at Harney & Sons!

40% abv


Firkin Gin

Hey friends! Today I’m trying this gin that apparently put me on the bottle! (Or maybe that’s my cousin…)

This gin is rested in American Oak, so it has a bit of heft to it. It smells like juniper, smoke, ash, and wood. When you take a sip, you’ll taste oak, juniper, honey, almond, and wood notes. 

I liked using this as whiskey light – in a whiskey highball for example – or just on its own. Give it a try!

46% abv

Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

Brooklyn Gin

I gathered all of my fox friends to share a tipple with me! This Brooklyn Gin smells of lime, orange, lavender, lemon zest, some herbs, and juniper, of course! You’ll taste much the same when you drink it neat. 

Contrary to the name, this isn’t distilled in Brooklyn, rather it is distilled in Warwick Valley. It is a corn based spirit and distilled in a small copper pot still. 

This is an accessible gin that is great on its own or in cocktails. As you can tell, my fox friends love it!

40% abv

New York, USA

Bols Genever Gin

Shout out to my Dutch friends with this lovely gin. There’s a thickness to this that you can even smell – must be due to the mash bill. Malty and thick. Pine, lemon, tree sap, fir tree, juniper (sure), brown spice even. Notes of pine, nutmeg, turpentine, fruit cake, and juniper on the palate. This recipe dates back to the 1820s so this certainly isn’t your average G&T gin. Dust off your book of old 1800′s cocktails because that is what this gin was made for. 

42% abv


Plymouth Gin Navy Strength

If you ask me, this is the benchmark for Navy Strength gins! Why is it Navy Strength? Well, at this proof, you could safely store it on the boat with the gunpowder and even if the gin spilled on the gunpowder, the gunpowder would still ignite! Plus, sailors like to get hammered.

You can definitely smell the oily alcohol on this gin, followed by juniper, citrus, and some cucumber skin. The taste is very thick and viscous, with sweet lemon, orange rind, citrus pith, juniper and some turpentine.

Cool fact – there used to be 4 main styles of gin, named after the main ports for the Navy – London, Plymouth, Bristol, and Liverpool. Only London and Plymouth styles remain!

57% abv

Plymouth, ENGLAND

Napue Gin

Oh hello. You caught me here with my bottle of Finnish Gin from Kyrö Distillery Company. This one is made from rye and has, well, a great nordic taste to it. 

You’ll smell peppery sourdough, winter forest, Douglas fir, bramble, and of course, juniper on the nose. The taste is more juniper, fir tree and forest with some lemon as well. I thought this mixed up a great G&T!

46.3% abv

Isokyrö, FINLAND

Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin

Gin is great all year, but it is especially refreshing in the summer months! I’m a big fan of Sipsmith, a London-based brand who, a decade ago, setup the city’s first copper pot distillery in nearly two centuries! This new release (to the US) is dry, with a nice backbone of juniper like any good London gin. After that, you’ll smell lots of lemon peel, meyer lemon, and bitter lemon. 

The taste is just as good as the smell – you can drink this neat or make incredible cocktails. If you drink it neat, you’ll taste lemon curd which changes to bitter lemons and meyer lemons on the finish. In a G&T, you’ll pick up meyer lemons and the bitter lemon will give the drink a nice crisp snap!

40.4% abv


Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin

Why do I have this smirk on my face? Well, because I’m sitting outside on my patio, drinking a G&T, made with this sweet gin designed by PJ Rigney! The distillery opened in December of 2015, so this stuff is still pretty new! You’ll smell anise, cardamom, tea, citrus, and juniper. The taste starts with citrus and anise, then moves to the tea and cardamom and ends with a drying note of juniper and tea. 

This gin is made with GUNPOWDER (tea) SO BE CAREFUL! BOL. This is a great gin for really anything – G&T, martini, aviation, or just sipping on its own! Plus, when you finish the bottle, wash it out, remove the label, and you’ve got a great bottle to use as a vase or for whatever you like. That’s what I did!

43% abv

Drumshanbo, IRELAND

Suntory Roku Gin

As you know, I’m Japanese. I love my Japanese whisky and I’m super psyched and we are starting to see more Japanese gins on the shelf. This one is made by the huge Beam Suntory company. It is made with 8 traditional botanicals PLUS 6 (roku in Japanese) botanicals. You’ll get aromas of cherry blossom, green tea, and pepper. On the palate, you’ll taste cherry blossom and then waves of green tea, pepper, and leaves and pick up a botanical note and a long, dry finish. 

This is a bold, wonderfully made JAPANESE gin. This could be priced a lot higher and I’d still buy it, but at around $26 or so, this is a steal. Grab a bottle, make a martini or G&T, and arigato me later!

43% abv


Cambridge Distillery Japanese Gin

This isn’t a Japanese gin – it isn’t made in Japan – it is just made in the style of Japan. They call it Japanese because it has Japanese botanicals added to the classic gin botanicals. 

On the nose I smell pepper, citrus, juniper, cucumber, and herbs. 

The palate has a nice of balance of lime, lemon, cucumber and herbs. Of the Japanese botanicals, the yuzu really comes through, harking to the gin’s Japanese influence. 

There are more and more Japanese gins landing on the shelves, but if you can’t find one, this one will tide you off until then!

42% abv