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Closing Monday. Open Tuesday-Sunday til 9pm next week! Delivery only. 🍷❤️🦁 #stayhome #drinkwine #greenpoint #dandylovesyou (at Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

Canned wine is a great option for those who don’t want to open “a whole bottle”. 375ml is equivalent to a half bottle or 2-3 glasses of wine. The cans we carry are of the best quality we can find! @sanswineco @bonnydoonvineyard @brickandmortarwines don’t mess around with additives or chemicals. Can you dig it? Try out them cans! 15% off retail price.

Bonny Doon Vineyard, La Bulle Moose De Cigare Rosé Central Coast 2017-$9
Bonny Doon, Grenache La Bulle-Moose Rousse Fizzy Red of the Earth 2017-$9
Brick & Mortar, Rouge (Cabernet Franc/Syrah) 2018-$9
Brick & Mortar, Sonoma Coast Rosé (Pinot Noir/Syrah) 2018-$9
Sans Wine Co., Carbonic Carignan Poor Ranch Vineyards Coyote Rock Block Mendocino County 2017-$15
Sans Wine Co., Sauvignon Blanc Finley Road Vineyard 2017-$13.00
Total Value=$64

Call or email for delivery 🚚 #drinkwine #greenpoint
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DELIVERY IS THE ANSWER. @missymisdemeanorelliott and every health expert says so…
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Rainbow Rosé Pack $110!! 🌈🌹🌞 Bernard Vallette, La Rosé Gorge 2018-$15
Château Guilhem, Pot de Vin Rosé 2019-$15
Idlewild, The Flower Flora & Fauna Rosé 2019-$25
Nicolas Gonin, Rosé 2018-$17
Onda Brava, País Rosado Valle del Itata 2018-$25
San Giovanni, ‘Il Chiaretto’ Rosé 2018-$20
Total Value $117.00
Call or email for delivery 🚚 #drinkwine #greenpoint
Artwork 🎨 by @girondarama ❤️ (at Dandelion Wine)

Typically we only close on Christmas… but given the circumstances, we at Dandelion could really use a day off, so we will be closed tomorrow, Monday, March 23rd so we can rest. Don’t fret though! We will be back open on Tuesday with a new set of wings. Thank you #Greenpoint for your love, support, and patience. DANDY LOVES YOU! 🦁🍷❤️🔥🙏 (at Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

Foradori, Vigneti delle Dolomiti Teroldego 2018-$27
Giordano Lombardo, Vigne di San Martino Gavi di Gavi 2018-$18
Maitre de Chai, Sauvignon Blanc Herron Vineyard Sonoma 2014-$35
Markus Altenburger Blaufrankisch vom Kalk 2017-$19
Old Westminster Winery, Skin Contact Piquette 2019-$20
Poggio la Noce, Gigino Toscana 2016-$22

Call or email for delivery 🚚 #drinkwine #greenpoint
Artwork 🎨 by @girondarama ❤️

DISCO PACK #4 $125

Agricola Macatho, Tinajacura Valle del Itata 2017-$28
Andreas Durst, Sylvaner Alte Reben 2016-$33
Barbi, Umbria Ciliegiolo 2018-$20
Cave Yves Cuilleron Saint-Péray Les Potiers 2016-$34
Evesham Wood, Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills 2017-$31
Sedella, Sierras de Málaga Laderas de Sedella Anfora 2016-$18


Call or email for delivery 🚚 #drinkwine #greenpoint
Artwork 🎨 by @girondarama ❤️ (at Dandelion Wine)

DISCO PACK #3 $125

Bodegas Emilio Moro, Ribera del Duero Emilio Moro 2016-$40
Familie Bauer, Bauer EM und J: Niederösterreich Roter Veltliner NV-$17
Halcyon, Cabernet Franc Camino Alto Vineyard 2017-$35
Idlewild, The Flower Flora & Fauna White North Coast 2018-$25
Succes Vinicola La Cuca de Llum Trepat 2018-$25
Vitor Claro, Foxtrot Dominó 2017-$22


Call or email for delivery 🚚 #drinkwine #greenpoint
Artwork 🎨 by @girondarama ❤️

DISCO PACK #2 $120

Brick & Mortar, Pinot Meunier Pet Nat Napa Valley 2018-$28
Bruna, Pigato Le Russeghine Riviera Ligure di Ponente 2018-$32
Ilatium Morini (Latium), Valpolicella Ripasso Campo dei Ciliegi 2015-$23
La Agricola, Cara Sur Moscatel Tinto Calingasta 2018-$25
Luis Seabra, Douro Xisto Ilimitado Branco 2018-$25
Luis Seabra, Xisto Ilimitado 2017-$25

TOTAL VALUE $158!! Call or email for delivery 🚚 #drinkwine #greenpoint
Artwork 🎨 by @girondarama ❤️

DISCO PACK #1 $115
Bodegas Carballal, Rías Baixas Albariño Sete Cepas 2018-$28
Bolzano, Südtirol Alto Adige St. Magdalener Classico Huck am Bach 2018-$22
Collective Z, Spektakel 2018-$28
Cristiana Meggiolaro, Veneto Durello Frizzante Sotocà 2015-$25
Domaine Bersan, Côtes d’Auxerre Rouge 2018-$30
Orly Lumbreras, Stereo Riberio Red 2017-$32

TOTAL VALUE $155!! Call or email for delivery 🚚 #drinkwine #greenpoint
Artwork 🎨 by @girondarama ❤️