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New beret-weather wines in stock now! 👩‍🎨🍷 …

New beret-weather wines in stock now! 👩‍🎨🍷 Pouring l’Epée tonight… #drinkwine #greenpoint #yeswayberet #chinon #bourgogne #cabfranc #pinotnoir (at Dandelion Wine)



Come down to Dandelion tonight and meet our new best friend Collin from Vom Boden! He’ll walk you through some of the best in contemporary natural German winemaking, with a white, two orange and a red. We’ll be playing some deep Krautrock and we’ll have cheese from Eastern Districtand bread from She-Wolf Bakery. Dandy hab’ dich lieb!


“Stefan Vetter is f-ing punk rock.” So says his importer, Stephen Bitterolf, who goes on to mention that “Stefan has done nothing that has even the slightest commercial logic to it.” Our kind of winemaker. Vetter is best known for his Sylvaner and we still have just a few bottles of his masterful Muschelkalk Sandstein GK on hand if you’d like one. But nothing thrills us more than when a grape we know well takes a walk on the wild side, and it was in love at first bite when we first tasted his Muller-Thurgau at Pinch Chinese on Spring Street. As the pouring rain beat against the casement windows, vibrant citrus flavors and ripping acidity killed it all with our spicy wonton. This vintage plays a little closer to the vest, with subdued notes of Buddha’s Hand on a bed of, well, native yeast. It’s no less suited to the season – a perfect fit like an old leather jacket. Organic, biodynamic, supernatural. $22


This was pretty much everyone’s favorite affordable orange last year and so it will be again! Elegant, nicely characteristic, and very special in some way that’s actually kind of hard to define – but very easy to taste – the Weiss&Grau is made from Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) and Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris). Spending three to four weeks on the skins before settling into a giant oak case for about a year, this wine is lighter and gentler than some orange you may be used to, with a clear tannic grip of the fine and supple kind. Almost like an annual meteor shower, we’ll sell most of what we bought at the tasting, the rest over the weekend, and then probably order once more before Elvis has left the building for the year again. Organic and biodynamic. $21


Speaking of a walk on the wild side, how about an orange Gruner?Winemaker Florian does the labels – some of our favorite in the whole wide wine world – and he also does everything else, from working the fields to finishing the wine. The Weiss is a one vineyard old-vine cuvée that is gemiscther satz (a field blend) of Gruner Veltliner, “some Burgunders”, and a splash of Riesling, grown on a tiny parcel of limestone and granite soil. There’s a little apricot, a little citrus and a healthy dose of minerality. We miss drinking it already. Memorable and singular for sure. $29


Husband-and-wife team Hans-Bert Espe and Silke Wolf farm have spent the last decade in the nooks and crannies of the wine-geek world, slowly building a reputation for pristine, delicate Pinot Noirs from Baden. You might call them understated, though the rather petite structure and lively animation of the wines gives way to a mid-palate that is awash with sweet perfumed fruit, transparent and mineral. If global warming has been unkind and will be much worse for most regions of the wine world, it’s been a blessing for Pinot from Germany and Austria, which used to show up like a bull in a china shop, but now, under the right hand, is more like a swallow-tail coat on Tom Waits – graceful and distinguished, but still a thrift shop bargain. Organic. $20

A huge thank you to everyone who came out last…

A huge thank you to everyone who came out last night for our #sherryweek event. It was a great success and we can’t wait to do it again next year! #muchasgracias #drinkwine #drinksherry #greenpoint (at Dandelion Wine)



“The flavor of Sherry is a world unto itself.” –Karen MacNeil, The Wine Bible

Join us to taste through a dozen Jerez wines from Bodegas Alonso, Antonio Barbadillo, Vina Callejuela, Guttierez Colosia, El Maestro Sierra, Bodega Robles, Lustau and Orleans Borbon, with our favorite local Sherry aficionados pouring and of course Sherry-friendly snacks! Dandy loves you.

Kerin (La Luz Selections) and Alexa (Bonhomie Wine Imports) will be pouring:

Viña Callejuela, Manzanilla Fina NV $25

Viña Callejuela, Las Mercedes 2016 $28

Viña Callejuela, La Casilla Amontillado Sherry (NV) $80

Ben (Olé Imports) will be pouring:

Orleans Borbón, Manzanilla Fina Sherry NV $13

Seleccion Antonio Barbadillo Mateos, Manzanilla Sanlúcar de Barrameda Sacristía AB $30.00

Mariel (Coeur Wine Co.) is pouring:

Bodegas Gutiérrez Colosia, Oloroso Sangre Y Trabajadero NV $23

Bodegas Gutiérrez Colosia, Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Amontillado Dry NV $29

Bodegas Gutiérrez Colosia, Fino En Rama NV $3

Jay (Opici) is pouring:

Bodegas Barbadillo, Palo Cortado Obispo Gascón NV $53

Bodegas Barbadillo, Fino NV $12

Paul (T. Edward Wines) is pouring:

El Maestro Sierra Fino NV $23

Mario (Lustau) is pouring:

Lustau Almacenista “Vides” Palo Cortado de Perez $48

Josie (MFW Wine Co.) is pouring:

Bodegas Robles, Piedra Luenga Oloroso $28

Bodegas Alonso, Velo Flor Manzanilla Sherry NV $68

Brian Ferry the Sherry fairy 🧚‍♂️🥃🧚‍♂️ says…

Brian Ferry the Sherry fairy 🧚‍♂️🥃🧚‍♂️ says, “Come to Dandelion for a Sherry extravaganza!!!” Taste more than a dozen different sherries poured by a handful-and-a-half of Sherry aficionados. THURSDAY 6-8pm!!! #drinkwine #greenpoint #drinksherry #sherryweek #gonnagetcray (at Dandelion Wine)

HAPPY SHERRY WEEK! Join us Thursday to taste …

HAPPY SHERRY WEEK! Join us Thursday to taste over a dozen(!) different Sherries! We’ve never done anything like this before. You’re not gonna want to miss this. #drinkwine #drinksherry #sherryweek #greenpoint #getexcited (at Dandelion Wine)



Come taste the fun stuff with our friend Michele of Regal Wine Imports. Plus, as always, cheese and bread and hugs and love. XO

Nomadica, Sparkling White Wine (NV) Santa Barbara, California

feel it’s only reasonable to keep a bottle of sparkling wine in the
fridge at all times. But what if it’s just you that needs some bubbs
right away? Here’s a (healthy!) single serving delicious blanc-de-blancs
in a pretty little can with a hummingbird on the label! Old-vine
Chardonnay and Pinot Gris from the Cienaga Vineyard in Santa Barbara
bring flavors of Hibiscus-coated pineapple and mango with a touch of
green apple on a bed of soft, refreshing bubbles. They’re in our fridge
waiting to be on standby in yours. This pretty little package would also
make a great road-soda when you’re heading out on the town. Don’t leave
home without one! $8

Pietro Caciorgna, Etna Rosso CiaurÍa 2015 Sicily, Italy

is a small miracle of Etna Rosso, which has become less affordable
lately. Paolo Caciogna is a big time winemaker and Ciauria is his labor
of love. He coaxes dried berries, dried flowers and shaved chocolate out
of selected Nerello Mascalese vines growing on black, porous
soil composed of ash, sand, and other minerals – yes, it’s a
volcano. This wine gets a lot of attention from critics and we love this
vintage especially.  A beautiful ruby color, silky tannins and an
exceptionally elegant texture complete the picture here. Purity and
finesse for days. A perfect Autumn-in-New-York bottle. $20

Alain Voge, Cornas Les Vieilles Vignes 2014 Rhône, France

a rare opportunity to taste an expensive Northern Rhone beauty that
would make a great gift or a dramatic addition to special-occasion
table. Another critics darling, Albéric Mazoyer is the winemaker at Voge
these days and this is one of his more exciting efforts – deep, and
complex Syrah from vines over 60 years old rooted deep into old, worn
granite on steep slopes, among the finest in Cornas.  A long growing
season and late harvest resulted in rich fruit and a lot of
concentration, without the brutal tannins that often characterize this
region and can require a decade of aging. Organic, biodynamic and hand
harvested, aged a year and a half in oak and now a couple more in bottle
this monstre is ready to roll. Graphite, black and blue fruits,
licorice, chocolate and scorched earth in a concentrated package,
focused and elegant, with a finish that will take you into next month.

Bodegas Baron, Xixarito Manzanilla en Rama (NV) Sanlúcar, Spain

week is International Sherry Week and we’ll be having a giant tasting
of these amazing, funky and super-dry wines from Jerez NEXT THURSDAY!
Meanwhile, a preview! The Fernandez family’s Sherry-making roots go back
to the the mid-seventeenth century and are generally centered in the
picturesque, below-sea-level town of SanLucar, from whence comes the
miracle of Manzanilla, a fortified wine made from Palomino grapes and
aged under a veil of yeast called Flor. Nutty, mineral, decaying floral,
citrus-rind and even petrol are common descriptors for these wines, but
come taste this example for yourself and see what you might want to
drink it with. Fried seafood, olives, potato chips and Jamon are classic
pairings but fish tacos come to mind at the moment, as they so often
do. Killer acid and a lightly bitter finish really do make this a wine
for almost any situation. $16

TASTING TONIGHT 6-8PM!!!! 🍾🍷🥖🧀🐘🕊🌋🍇🙌🔮…

TASTING TONIGHT 6-8PM!!!! 🍾🍷🥖🧀🐘🕊🌋🍇🙌🔮 It’s gonna be special. Don’t miss it. #drinkwine #cannedwine #bubbles #drinksherry #manzanilla #cornas #etnarosso #greenpoint #winetasting (at Dandelion Wine)

THIS WEATHER! ☀️🙌 Grab a couple of these cold…

THIS WEATHER! ☀️🙌 Grab a couple of these cold cans and your bff and find a sunny spot. #drinkwine #bubblyinacan #workcanwait #soakupthesun #greenpoint (at Dandelion Wine)




us and our old friend Jay from Opici at Dandelion tonight. We’ll have
Fino Sherry, Sauvignon Blanc from Washington State, Cote du Rhone
Blanc(!) and a big ol’ Napa Cab. And as always, the gone-est sounds,
cheese from Eastern District and bread from She-Wolf Bakery. Dandy loves

Bodegas Barbadillo Fino Sherry

anything as thrilling as a freezing cold bottle of this magical elixir
from Jerez hitting the table as lunch gets underway? Fino Sherry is one
of leanest, cleanest things we can think of, dry as the day is long with
more than a little saline on the finish. Bodegas Barbadillo, still a
family owned business, was founded in 1821 in Sanlucar de Barrameda,
Cadiz, Andalusia, and they are the leading producer of Manzanilla in the
world. Their magnificent cellars overlook the Guadalquiver river and
the Atlantic Ocean. The wine is quite pale & very dry with classic
nutty and mineral flavors. Serve well-chilled with tapas, salumi,
Mexican, Asian, or anything that swims. $12

Substance, SB Sunset Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc Ancient Lakes 2016

Smith is known for producing some of the best affordable Cab in the US –
we’ve been carrying the CS Cab for a couple of years now. This
delicious Sauvignon Blanc is from the Ancient Lakes AVA, a cool-climate,
higher-elevation pocket of the Columbia Valley, perfectly suited for
bright, thirst-quenching whites. Wider diurnal temperature swings here
mean high acidity, a signature characteristic of wines from Ancient
Lakes. The other signature is minerality, believed to come from Ancient
Lakes’ unique soils of broken basalt and a type of limestone called
caliche. Orchard fruit and ash on the nose, citrus and some tropical
notes on the palate. You will  definitely notice the acid and minerality
here. $22

Olivier & Lafont Côtes du Rhône Blanc 2016

might not be a better-kept secret in the wine world than Rhone
white. Most of it is quite affordable and it runs the gamut from lean
& clean to deep & rich. It’s incredibly food-friendly – and
great without food. (You’ll usually find at least four whites from the
Rhone Valley on the bottom shelf of our French white fridge.) This blend
of Viognier, Grenache Blanc, and Clairette is perfect as the weather
cools off. Orchard fruit and river-rock, plus texture for days. The wine
consultants who founded Maison Olivier & Lafont in 2011 say “We are
making pleasure wine for consumers.” $14

Scattered Peaks, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

of affordable Napa Cab, here’s Scattered Peaks; river-deep and
mountain-high, with intense black and red fruit aromas bolstered by
hints of mountain sage and a touch of anise. On the palate, dark
brooding fruit flavors of black cherry and cassis mingle with essence of
black licorice and violets as well as espresso and dusty dark chocolate
notes. Firm and silky tannins with just a touch of vanilla to enhance
the long, lingering finish of this classic Napa Valley Cabernet. Ungawa!