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F**K.  Pedro Parra is pouring at Dandelion tonight and we feel like, damn. True, we have had a lot of fantastic people in, and true, it’s not a competition. But, um, don’t miss this one??  Pedro Parra is a terroir consultant. He has a Ph.D. in terroir from the French Agricultural Institute in Paris. He regularly digs trenches in famous vineyards to figure out what the soil type is so he can tell the winemakers what to do. He also makes his own wine in his native Chile, both under Pedro Parra y Familia and with some partners as Clos des Fous, which he’ll be focusing on tonight. Ok, we’re just going to pause here to say that the wineries he consults for around the world are a big deal, that he’s smarter about where wine flavors actually come from than anyone we’ve ever met, and also? People call him Dr. Terroir. Can you imagine how much of a badass you have to be for people to call you “Dr. Terroir” and for you not to look like a dick? The guy is all that. And the wines of course are super smart, very delicious, and amazingly affordable! Ever wondered what the deal really is with wine? Have ANY questions? Come taste a few of Pedro’s wines and ask him. That simple. Do not fail. Trust us when we tell you not to miss this.

Oh, Pedro loves Jazz. And we’ll be playing jazz. Boring jazz? Dinner jazz? No, my sister. The kind of jazz where you slyly sidle up to the person you know best on the staff and, sotto voce, ask “which record is this?” when you don’t even know the artist. Matter of fact, we’ll be serving up  WINE, BREAD, CHEESE, VINYL & LOVE!

Clos des Fous, Pour Ma Gueule Assemblage Itata 2017

Cabernet from the Cachapoal Vineyard in Grillos Cantores, at 1380ft. The soil here is carbonated alluvial. Aged in Concrete Vat and Stainless Steel, 18 months on the fine lees. Clos des Fous was founded in 2008 by Pedro Parra, Francois Massoc, Paco Leyton and Albert Cussen. The four friends were tired of hearing that Chilean wine was all boring, industrial, green and overripe so they set out in search of the Dark Side of the Moon. Francois and Pedro are longtime friends, like brothers, and both have spent much time abroad making wine and working vineyards in Europe. Organic, biodynamic. $17

Clos des Fous, Pinot Noir Pour Ma Gueule Valle del Itata 2016

88% Pinot Noir, 12% Cinsault bush vines on granite in the Vinedo Latqui in Itata Valley, aged in concrete with 12 months on the lees. Parra has a Masters degree in precision agriculture and a Ph.D. for his work with terroir. He currently consults as a terroir specialist around the globe in Argentina, Oregon, Italy, France, Spain, Georgia, Croatia and beyond working with world renowned vignerons like Jean Marc Roulot. Organic, biodynamic.  $17

Clos des Fous, Pinot Noir Subsollum 2016

92% Pinot Noir and 8% Cinsault from the Pucalan and Larqui vineyards (about 10 acres total). Viñedo Larqui was planted in 1998 on paleozoic calcareous and sandy soils; Pucalan, planted in 2008, has granitic soil. The wine was made in concrete and stainless and aged on the lees for 18 months. The Clos des Fous philosophy is to produce wines with tension from grapes grown in extreme terroir with minimal intervention in the winery. Clos des Fous owns and manages vineyards in Malleco, Guarilihue, Alto Cahapoal and Western Aconcagua. They produce a variety of wines and work with multiple iterations of Pinot Noir, Cinsault, Pais, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Riesling at their winery in Cauquenes, Maule.  Organic, biodynamic. $24

Clos des Fous, Grillos Cantores Alto Cachapoal Cabernet 2014

Award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon from Cachapoal Vineyard in Grillos Cantores at 1380ft. Soil type is carbonated alluvial. Yields here are 3 tons/acre. Aged in concrete and stainless steel, 18 months on the fine lees.  Clos des Fous is one of Chile’s most innovative, inspiring and authentic wineries producing some of the most exciting wines in South America. Organic, biodynamic. Dark notes of earth, coffee and black berries. $24

Wow. What a bargain de Bourgogne! 🍇🍷👍 Classically delicious. When one bottle isn’t quite enough… #drinkwine #bourgogne #burgundy #pinotnoir #terresdorées #jeanpaulbrun (at Star Route Farm LLC)


“When the going gets weird, the weird get going. “ – Hunter S. Thompson

One person who really took that to heart is James Endicott, the man behind the amazing portfolio VINOCITY SELECTIONS. This is not just a selection of excellent wines, there’s also a whole CARBON NEGATIVE aspect to the project that will hopefully be part of saving us all from A FIERY DEATH! We had a dream recently where we were meeting our dealer in space and, um… maybe that’s good. Let’s just say James is one cool guy and we love to see him walk in the door! You will too. Technically he’ll already be through the door and you’ll actually be the one walking in… oh, never mind! Put down that pipe, pick up your favorite credit card and grab that niiiice shirt on your way out the door to come party at the Lions Club, where there’s always WINE, BREAD, CHEESE, VINYL, LOVE & HAPPINESS!

Beckham, Grenache Rogue Valley 2016

What if there were a place where people made their own wine from organic grapes without irrigation and then aged it in amphora they made themselves from clay on the same land where the grapes grow? Georgia, you say? Or some weird misty hobbit-land like in that Led Zeppelin album we’re going to play tonight? No, my sister! This place is right here in the good old US of A! In the Chehalem mountains in the Willamette Valley – yes, Oregon! Are they hippies? Kind of, but why do you keep interrupting? We’re talking about a beautiful Grenache with both depth and delicacy that will BLOW YOUR MIND, fermented and aged in amphora built by Andrew Beckham himself! Organic, biodynamic, natural. $40

Beckham Estate, Sophia’s Pinot Noir 2016

Also from Chehalem Mountains, and also dry-farmed, this delicate, beautiful Pinot is breathtaking. You know we always snuffle out the truffles for you here at Dandelion, so you can believe me when I say this is going to rip the pants off your daddy’s Burgundy at that family dinner. Not cheap, but you can rest assured it’s still a steal. Of course, you don’t need to take my word for it! Andrew & Annedria clear their land, grafted their vines, taught themselves winemaking, make their own amphora from clay on that land and run an integrated biodynamic farm. All you gotta do is come eat some free cheese and taste THE BEST WINE ANYONE IS POURING IN NYC TONIGHT! Organic, biodynamic, natural. $50

Sin Eater, Pet-Nat Rose 2018

Sometimes there’s not a Pet-Nat on the bar and we get a little sad. But then there is! As young children we used to frolic up and down the Anderson Valley, following the fog as it rolled inland toward the hills and then following the sun as it chased the fog back to Mendocino coast. We’d stop at all the tasting rooms and the nice people would give us little snacks and cups of wine… We never made it as far as the Yorkville Highlands, possibly that was related to the wine… But if we had been fast animals like a gazelle or a cheetah, maybe we would’ve seen the vines that made this wine up there. James made a shelf-talker one time and it said:

Classic Millennial Pink Drank. Chemical and tradition free, 100% biodynamically grown Pinot Noir in bubbly clothing. Pairs well with sunshine and Beyonce, truffles and not toothpaste. Drink from now to eternity. Organic, biodynamic, natural.  $32

🍷 TASTING TONIGHT 6-8PM: “When the going gets weird, the weird get going. “ @huntersthompson_
One person who really took that to heart is James Endicott @jend.75 , the man behind the amazing portfolio @vinocityselections . This is not just a selection of excellent wines, there’s also a whole #CARBONNEGATIVE ♻️ aspect to the project that will hopefully be part of saving us all from A FIERY DEATH 🔥💀 ! Come meet James and tastes these incredible wines we adore from @beckhamestate and a biodynamic Pinot Noir petnat from @sineatercider #drinkwine #savetheplanet #greenpoint #oregon #chahalemmountains #amphora #grenache #pinotnoir #petnat #california (at Dandelion Wine)

@ciociajuni went upstate and drank a bunch of wine by the fire all weekend. 🍷🔥❤️🦟 Be sure to ask her about her new faves… #drinkwine #firesidechats #winebythefire #upstatevibes #bandol #mourvedre #willamettevalley #pinotnoir #welovewine #dandylovesyou


It’s still true that no vessel, once opened, keeps wine as fresh as a box. (Unless you want a whole keg – in which case, get in touch! We got you!) But when it comes to having something handy in the fridge at all times, boxes are very hard to beat. Oxygen is the enemy and the vacuum seal is your friend. We’ve been carrying a wide variety of boxed wine for a long time, and tonight, we’ll be drinking inside the box with Kent Johnson Wine Consultingand Communal Brands – AKA SYNTH-POP GENIUS KENT ODESSA!  It is still August here in the city (as in many places, we hear) and everything will be CHILLED. Our A/C is cranking as always in the Shrine of Wine and of course we’ll have the WINE, BREAD, CHEESE, and VINYL!

Schplïnk, Grüner Veltliner Box 2018

We’ve been big fans of this bright, citrusy Grüner since Kent first brought it through our door.  Beach, park, backyard… The high-acid and mineral background keep it clean no matter what the scene. Easy-pleasy-lemon-squeezy. Is there any good reason not to buy this box in August?  Organic grapes, spontaneous fermentation.  $32

Hérisson, Rosé 2018

Fruit from vineyards around the village of La Sylve in the Herault department of the Languedoc. The aim was to produce a fresh, balanced, and expressive rosé and we think the results will speak for themselves. Oh, and why the hedgehog? They couldn’t resist its utter adorableness, and they love hedgehogs. One person here said “Frickin’ delicious!”  Put on your Bo Jacksons and come on down. Vegan & very chillable.  $30  

Hérisson, Coteaux Bourguignons Rouge 2017

Classic passetoutgrains-style red from Gamay & Pinot Noir, 100% estate fruit from Domaine Rochebin’s vineyards around Mâcon. Nice and easy, medium-bodied, red-fruited. Backyard BBQ, rooftop, gallery opening, or just in the fridge – this box fits like a sharkskin suit! Just ask Candy-O! Vegan and bulletproof!  $34

TASTING TONIGHT 6-8PM: @kent.odessa @communalbrands is here to show you how great biz wine can be. HÉRISSON 🦔 Rosé and Rouge (Gamay and Pinot Noir from Burgundy 🇫🇷) and SCHPLÏNK!(Grüner Veltliner from Austria 🇦🇹) Definitely not your mama’s boxed wine — but still a value! Come taste! #drinkwine #boxwine #burgundy #pinotnoir #gamay #austria #grunerveltliner #herisson #schplink (at Dandelion Wine)

Rosé Jose! This might be one of the best rosés we’ve had all summer. @beckhamestate Olivia’s Pinot Noir Rosé light but tense in all the right ways. Great with food, during a heat wave, or both. Freshhhhhh. Get some! #drinkwine #drinkrosé #oregonwine #willamettevalley #chehalemmountains #beckhamestatevineyard #Pinotnoir #succulent #brooklyn #summer (at Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

🇸🇮🍾 THURSDAY NIGHT TASTING 6-8PM: @tarapieceofpaper @blacklambwine is behind the bar pouring @kabajwines Just-landed orange wines of Pinot Gris and Rebula as well as a very delicious Pinot Noir Pet-Nat! Plus 🧀 @mongerspalate, 🥖@shewolfbakery, the best 🌬 in town and 🤘vinyl all night long. #drinkwine #petnat #pinotgris #rebula #petnat #pinotnoir #slovenia #kebaj #jeanmichelmorel #blacklamb #rocknroll #greenpoint #winetasting (at Greenpoint, Brooklyn)


The Lions Club Lays Down with the Lamb: Killer Kabaj!!!

Our old friend Tara of Black Lamb joins us tonight to pour wines from what is undoubtedly the most exciting winery in Slovenia. Kabaj
almost needs no introduction and Tara will run through some of the
deets tonight, but you might already know that Dandelion Wine has worked
with the wines of French winemaker Jean Michel Morel for
years. He himself has been behind the tasting bar many times. We pretty
much love all his wines all the time, but we couldn’t be more excited
about his Pinot Noir Pet-Nat! Come join us tonight to taste through some
serious Slovenian!

Let there be WINE, BREAD, CHEESE, and VINYL

Kabaj, San Lurinz Corvus Pet-Nat 2018

delicious. Also very refrehsing. This 100% Pinot Noir Pet-Nat (!) was
just what everyone wanted after a marathon Manhattan bar-crawl recently –
the cheers literally shook the rafters of a certain West Village
basement bar when we first tasted this as many fans of this house
celebrated the arrival of this fantastic wine. Savory strawberry, orange
peel and most of all rhubarb! Bubbs just right. Clean, pretty
finish. Try with pretty much “anything humans can consume.” $30

Kabaj, Sivi Pinot 2015

trees are not the forest,” the poet wrote. But what did she mean? That
some people flash through our lives in an instant while others entwined
be their souls with our very own? Or that some trees were of such a
singular nature that we remember them apart from their vast leafy
society? If you were lucky enough to get some of the last vintage of
Sivi Pinot you’ll be thinking on the latter interpretation. If you love
orange wine, don’t miss this one. If you don’t love orange wine, we
recommend trying this one. If you love savory rosé or really good
carnitas, the wind in your hair or the light of the golden hour… $25


is one of Kabaj’s core wines, showcasing their local terroir, just
across the border from Italy’s Collio, most well-known for its richly
textured, expressive whites. Goriška Brda is a hilly land of vineyards,
orchards and olive groves is uniquely positioned between the Alps and
the Adriatic, and the Kabaj family has grown grapes here for
generations. Up until the late 80’s, like most families in the region,
their harvest went to the local State cooperative. In the late 80’s
Katja Kabaj married a French enologist Jean Michel Morel who she met
while he was working at various wineries in neighboring Collio, Italy.
The first vintage of Kabaj was in 93’. They are justly famous for making
exceptional orange wine, and this Rebula, 30 days on the skins. Elegant
and textured rather than oxidative and overly extracted, it’s depths
are evident even as it dances across the palate with brassy notes of
orchard fruit and river rock. $27