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Sazerac Rye

Happy Mardi Gras friends! When I think G R E A T cocktails, I think of New Orleans. And when I think of the cocktails with the greatest history, I think of the famous Sazerac. First made in New Orleans with Brandy from Sazerac-de-Forge et Fils, the drink is now often made with Rye and you won’t go wrong if you ask for the Rye that bares the name of the drink – and the original Brandy – Sazerac Rye.

You’ll get whiffs of vanilla, pepper, warm anise, and clove. The smell reminds me of old fashioned desserts and pies. The taste is wonderful, with notes of chocolate covered orange rind, anise, vanilla, and pepper on the finish. 

Frankfort, Kentucky, USA

45% abv

Napue Gin

Oh hello. You caught me here with my bottle of Finnish Gin from Kyrö Distillery Company. This one is made from rye and has, well, a great nordic taste to it. 

You’ll smell peppery sourdough, winter forest, Douglas fir, bramble, and of course, juniper on the nose. The taste is more juniper, fir tree and forest with some lemon as well. I thought this mixed up a great G&T!

46.3% abv

Isokyrö, FINLAND

1792 High Rye

Half of my face thinks this is sweet. The other half thinks this is spicy. Can you tell which is which? 

1792 always tastes sweet to me – a dessert bourbon, if you will – and this is no different, even though it is a high rye.

I smell honey nut cherries, caramel apples, and oak. On the palate, I taste cinnamon toast crunch, honey nut cherrios (lots of fun kiddie cereal here), cinnamon sugar, apples, and peppered orange peel. 

If you want to work your way into high rye bourbons, this might be a good place to start. The sweetness balances out the bite of the rye. 

47.15% ABV

Bardstown, Kentucky, USA