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There’s a lot going on today! Greta Thunberg sailed into New York harbor this morning! It’s Lucy’s Birthday! (It’s also Charlie Parker’s Birthday!) And, our amazing friend Michele from Regal is behind the Lions Club Bar
tonight! (Did we mention she is a Master of Wine
candidate?) Honestly? Get ready… We recently had to put together a
six-pack for a roof-party we’re attending in this Saturday in
Manhattan. (We know, but what can we say? The hosts are visiting from
LA; they don’t know.) Anyway, we always like to bring two of everything
to a get-together so everyone gets to try everything, and we only wanted
to carry a sixer, and we didn’t want to break the bank SOOOO… What
were the best, most affordable, red, white and bubbly in the
store?? They turned out to all be from the same source, and SO, we
rescheduled what we were planning for tonight and Michele graciously
agreed to pour at the last-minute. Here they are! Inspired by our own
picks for said rooftop party this Saturday night, this lineup is Labor Day Dope! This is your 3-day buying opportunity right here babies! It’s a cool 65 degrees in the Shrine of Wine: POPULATION YOU TONIGHT! VIVA WINE, BREAD, CHEESE, and VINYL!

Château Bouscasse, Les Jardins Philosophiques 2014 & 2015

Can you say Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh Sec? Us
neither – and who cares! At $20, this complex, mineral, magic and very
dry version of this Gascon classic may have you asking “Is this the best
cheese pairing ever?” When our friend Dave Macaninch came back from Gascony we were reminded of this almost lost gem of a wine. Most versions are too sweet for American palates, but this very dry bottle from superstar winemaker Alain Dumont KILLS IT. Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh is the appellation for whites in the region. The
wines are fascinating, deeply textured affairs that go well with river
fish, cured meats, or of course, the duck which the area is famous
for. The most classic pairing is probably Fois Gras with one of the
off-dry versions. This one – from petitcorbu and petitmanseng – is dry
and quite deep. First day it shows an amazing complexity, second day it
settles into a beautiful version of white Burgundy at half the
price. Second day! Yes, another great example of whites evolving after
opening in the fridge! You can also decant to get to this place. We’ll
have both the ’14 and the ’15 for you to compare. We don’t mind telling you we had to make a special effort to keep this baby at… $20!!!!

Castellroig, Cava Brut Vermell 2016

There’s just not a lot of Vermell in the world. This nearly extinct grape has been revived recently by Partida Creus, Rene Barbier, and, here, Castellroig in the Penedes, who are part of the new, better Cava DO Corpinnat. The wine has a slightly orange hue from gentle skin contact with this gris grape. We
love the taste of pale peach and smoky orange peel. Very dry, but not
overly acidic, this is a mellow sparkler suited for our favorite
situation: just chillin’. Amazing, Organic. $27

Di Giovanna, Siciliani Nero d’Avola 2017

plum, herbal notes and licorice. Easy drinking, classic Nero
d’Avola. We’re very happy to have a new, affordable, ORGANIC, Nero
d’Avola. The estate is near the city of Sambuca, the setting of
Visconti’s epic masterpiece, The Leopard. With vineyards located high above the floating land, at the base of a rough cliff,
two brothers fight for the culture this land once represented. Getting
there is a different story: Only after substantial damage to the bottom
of your car, or a long hike will you be able to access these beautifully
remote high altitude vineyards that are managed in full respect of
organic farming principles. What a view though! The Di Giovanna’s have been viticulturist for more than 5 generations in Sicily,
which explains the extreme passion with which Gunther and Klaus
approach their daily task. Father Sicilian, mother German results in an
energetic though slightly atypical mix of hard working attitude and
straight-shooting intuition. Riccardo Cotarella helps with the winemaking here. Organic, SwissArmyKnife. $14

🇮🇹 🍷  Happy Sunday! Chilling out with this refreshing $18

Planeta Rosé

(89 pts) from Sicily that is coming to LCBO VINTAGES July 20. Full review:

HUMIDITY BUSTER 🍑🍋👅💦 #drinkwine #petnat #sicily #perricone #pignatello #voria #portadelvento #naturalwine #greenpoint #summer (at Dandelion Wine)

Nelson and Albert in the house! @digiovannawine Vasca Cinque Nero d’Avola organic rosato from Sicily is tapped for your sipping pleasure! Crisp, refreshing and delicious! #dandylovesyou #drinkwine #seeart #freehugs #freewine #roseinabox #organicwine #sicily

2017 Cantine Barbera Tivitti Inzolia Menfi

Rawr. Starting off the week fierce. Baked yellow apples, orange rind, almond paste, and dried apricots on the nose. Similar on the palate where this dances between oxidative and acidic notes. 

3/5 bones



12.5% abv

Sicily, ITALY

🍷🍖🥧🥂🍽 THURSDAY NIGHT TASTING 6-8 PM: Our favorite food wines for everyone’s Springtime Feast. Whether it be Easter, Passover, or just the celebration of Spring in general, @drsugarman @vinotas_selections will be pouring some of our favorite wines to share at the table! #drinkwine #greenpoint #champagne #chardonnay #burgundy #piedmont #barbera #Sicily #perricone #easterfeast #passoverseder #dinnerparty (at Dandelion Wine)

🍷🍖🥧🥂🍽 THURSDAY NIGHT TASTING 6-8 PM: Our favorite food wines for everyone’s Springtime Feast. Whether it be Easter, Passover, or just the celebration of Spring in general, @drsugarman @vinotas_selections will be pouring some of our favorite wines to share at the table! #drinkwine #greenpoint #champagne #chardonnay #burgundy #piedmont #barbera #Sicily #perricone #easterfeast #passoverseder #dinnerparty (at Dandelion Wine)

🦸‍♀️💪🍷You know we’ve got love for the ladies every day but here’s (just a handful of) some of our favorite women winemakers we love to support/drink! #drinkwine #ladydayeveryday #internationalwomensday #womenofwine #saraperez #montsant #elodiebalme #rasteau #cantinepepi #sicily #cataratto #juliebenau #languedoc #picpoul #evafricke #rheingau #riesling #thanksmom (at Dandelion Wine)

2016 Azienda Agricola Arianna Occhipinti SP68 Bianco Sicilia IGT

This is another beauty from my girl, Arianna Occhipinti, made of two grape varieties that are native to Sicily – Zibibbo (A.K.A. Muscat of Alexandria) and Albanello. Also, FYI, “SP68″ refers to the road near Arianna’s Vittoria estate. Honeysuckle, raw nuts, dried green herbs, a hint of grapeyness, and lavender on the nose. Pear, raw nuts, green herbs, sage, dried peaches, and even a hint of orange peel and apple on the palate. Biodynamic. 

4/5 bones


Zibibbo (60%), Albanello (40%)

12% abv

Sicily, ITALY


Saddle up to our well-air-conditioned tasting bar tonight from 6-8pm to taste wines from France and Sicily with David Sugarman (aka Dr. Sug) from Vinotas Selections. Plus bread from She-Wolf Bakery and cheese from Eastern District!


Located at the southern tip of the island, Azienda Agricola Pianogrillo has been a working farm since before the Middle Ages, when a watchtower built on the high Pianogrillo hill warned of invading Saracens. The current owner, Lorenzo Piccione, follows tradition and respects history by abiding by the most ancient and revered principles of winemaking: biodynamics in the field, hand- harvesting, natural yeasts, minimal intervention and almost no SO2. In addition, he places great value in polyculture, so he grows olive trees to make his own olive oil and plants various trees in the fields to ensure the health of the vineyard. And of course he makes his own cured meats and sausages.

The Pianogrillo Grillo is a gorgeous rendition of this oftentimes abused grape: grown on chalky soils, it is fermented with wild yeasts in stainless steel, unfined, unfiltered and barely sulfured. The wine shows notes of bright citrus, bitter pith, with a medium body with similar aspects as well as Asian pear balanced by quartz-like minerality and a long, lip-smacking finish. $23


I love that we’re pouring TWO wines from Sicily tonight. It’s a total coincidence, but wine from Sicily is my mother’s absolute favorite and it happens to be her 75th birthday TODAY. Happy Birthday MOM!!! She and I will be drinking some Sicilian beauties tonight.

This lovely winery located in the rolling hills of Sicily’s West coast, near Marsala, is a 4th generation family farm. The Abate family works 16 hectares (40 acres) on deep clay soils, growing both grapes and grains (and of course olives). Currently, Angelo Abate runs the estate with his sons, Vincenzo, Nicola and Rosella. Everything they do here is organic and done to maintain the quality and sanctity of the land.

Perricone (also known as Pignatello) is a grape that’s native to Western Sicily and used to make full-bodied, dark colored wines. Marino Abate’s is organically grown, hand-harvested, and wild-yeast fermented in stainless steel before being aged in neutral barrels. This dark beauty is lengthy and spicy and rich but with a surprising amount of freshness that begs you to drink another sip every time. A real pleasure. $30


Domaine Vincent Fleith’s history goes back to 1661(!), when their ancestor Antoine Fleith began working the vines. Vincent took over in 1996, working on what is now 9 hectares (22 acres) of mountainous vineyards that encompass 4 terroirs.

The domaine has been certified Biodynamic since 2008, and began working naturally back in 1994. The local flora and fauna are in exquisite balance now, with wildflowers growing between the rows to attract beneficial bugs. Everything here is done by hand. Wild yeasts are allowed to ferment on their own, little to no oak is used, and no other manipulations are allowed to interfere with the wine-making process. Purity and quality are the key words.

The Domaine Vincent Fleith Sylvaner is a gorgeously light and crisp expression of the grape. It is bright and refreshing with a long clean finish. Some floral and dry honey notes. Perfect for hot and humid days like today! $23


This staff-favorite value comes from Château De Gaudou, a 17th century château located about an hour from the city of Cahors. Winemaker Fabrice Durou is making magic by capturing the beauty of French Malbec and putting it in the bottle for $12! We loved the value of this wine so much that we actually put it on the shelf in 2 different places. France, where it belongs, but also Argentina for all the Malbec lovers out there…

The Puro Malbec comes from the domaine’s youngest vines: 40+ year old Malbec grown on steep rocky hillsides covered in clay and gravel. No chemicals are used in the field, grapes are hand-harvested, native yeast fermented in stainless and cement tanks, then bottled unfined and slightly filtered with a drop of SO2 for stability.

The wine exhibits dark yet bright notes of blue and red fruit. Medium-bodied with an earthy but clean finish. Totally worth buying a case of this stuff if you’re an every-day-red-wine-kinda-person. $12 ($10.80/bottle with case discount)