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Four Roses Small Batch

You know what’s a nice treat? A dog treat! Also, bourbon. Bourbon is a nice treat. This Four Roses Small Batch is a blend of 4 mash bills and is usually around 6.5 years old. You’ll smell citrus, red flowers, caramel, and light wood. In the glass, the taste is of wood/oak, caramel, hint of dried cherries, and finally some gentle spice. 

This is a nice one that won’t let you down! I paired it with GivePet dog treats, which you should really have your humans buy for you. For every bag sold, they donate enough treats to shelters to feed 10 shelter dogs. 

45% abv

Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, USA

Brooklyn Gin

I gathered all of my fox friends to share a tipple with me! This Brooklyn Gin smells of lime, orange, lavender, lemon zest, some herbs, and juniper, of course! You’ll taste much the same when you drink it neat. 

Contrary to the name, this isn’t distilled in Brooklyn, rather it is distilled in Warwick Valley. It is a corn based spirit and distilled in a small copper pot still. 

This is an accessible gin that is great on its own or in cocktails. As you can tell, my fox friends love it!

40% abv

New York, USA

Bols Genever Gin

Shout out to my Dutch friends with this lovely gin. There’s a thickness to this that you can even smell – must be due to the mash bill. Malty and thick. Pine, lemon, tree sap, fir tree, juniper (sure), brown spice even. Notes of pine, nutmeg, turpentine, fruit cake, and juniper on the palate. This recipe dates back to the 1820s so this certainly isn’t your average G&T gin. Dust off your book of old 1800′s cocktails because that is what this gin was made for. 

42% abv


Buffalo Trace

This is the Tom Petty or Dave Matthews band of bourbon. It might not be anyone’s favorite, but if you pull out a bottle, everyone will be happy. This is rumored to be 9.5 years old with a mash bill likely under 10% rye. 

It smells of caramel, honey, orange, orange peel, hint of cherry, and a hint of red apple. When poured neat you taste caramel, oak, and lots of cherries. The taste rounds out with orange, apples, and vanilla.

Instantly likable. Instantly placeable. You should always have a bottle of this on paw for sipping neat or pouring into a cocktail. 

45% abv

Frankfort, Kentucky, USA

Plymouth Gin Navy Strength

If you ask me, this is the benchmark for Navy Strength gins! Why is it Navy Strength? Well, at this proof, you could safely store it on the boat with the gunpowder and even if the gin spilled on the gunpowder, the gunpowder would still ignite! Plus, sailors like to get hammered.

You can definitely smell the oily alcohol on this gin, followed by juniper, citrus, and some cucumber skin. The taste is very thick and viscous, with sweet lemon, orange rind, citrus pith, juniper and some turpentine.

Cool fact – there used to be 4 main styles of gin, named after the main ports for the Navy – London, Plymouth, Bristol, and Liverpool. Only London and Plymouth styles remain!

57% abv

Plymouth, ENGLAND

Elijah Craig Small Batch Barrel Proof

This barrel proof bourbon clocks in at a whopping 66.7% alcohol, so I figured I should put my hardhat on. You might want to, too.

This 12-year old, non-chill filtered b518 batch is made from 75% corn, 13% rye and 12% malted barley. When you smell it (and do it gently so you don’t fry your nose) you’ll pick up vanilla, orange peel, oak, caramel, and burnt caramel.

The taste starts honeyed, then moves to caramel, then burnt caramel, with the oak and vanilla coming through as well. 

I suggest letting it sit in your glass for about 15 minutes before you drink it, or add some water or ice. Here’s some great, big full-bodied no frills bourbon without breaking the bank!

66.7% abv

Bardstown, Kentucky, USA

Napue Gin

Oh hello. You caught me here with my bottle of Finnish Gin from Kyrö Distillery Company. This one is made from rye and has, well, a great nordic taste to it. 

You’ll smell peppery sourdough, winter forest, Douglas fir, bramble, and of course, juniper on the nose. The taste is more juniper, fir tree and forest with some lemon as well. I thought this mixed up a great G&T!

46.3% abv

Isokyrö, FINLAND

Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon

I’m standing at attention and enjoying a great bourbon to honor our fallen. To those of who have lost a loved one in service, you are owed an unpayable debt of gratitude. 

This bourbon has a herbaceous, medicinal note that I’m used to with Willet bourbons. I also pick up corn, sugar, sugary cereal, peanut, and cedar closet.

The juice tastes of butterned corn, cedar, oak, white pepper, caramel, and some herbs and trees. 

47% abv

Bardstown, Kentucky, USA

The Macallan 12 Years Old Sherry Oak Cask

Yeah, I’m a classy pup, so I’m settling into my favorite chair with some Scotch. Not just any scotch, but a Macallan 12 year. I’m smelling vanilla, ginger, apple skin, white wood, and sherry notes. 

Take a sip and you’ll get apple, pear, vanilla, cashews, marmalade and once again, sherry. 

Stay classy, San Diego (and everywhere else)!



Mezcal Margarita

Happy Birthday to ME! It’s Suki de Mayo, y’alls! 

I’m celebrating with a Mezcal Margarita from my friends at Employees Only in NYC!