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It ain’t over til it’s over! 🌺🌞🌳🍷#drinkwin…

It ain’t over til it’s over! 🌺🌞🌳🍷#drinkwine #naturalwine #wahwah #chilledredisthenewrosé #summer (at Dandelion Wine)



Join us and our friend Kevin of Vignaioli tonight from 6-8PM to try Italian reds across the spectrum and find that perfect pairing for whatever your weekend plans may be. Plus as always bread,cheese and cool jams to beat the heat. Dandy loves you. XO


When I first tasted this wine I couldn’t believe how light and pretty it was. We expect a little of this from a good Barbera, but this biodynamic beauty will show you raspberries and strawberries to rival the Union Square Farmer’s market. Pizza wine, anyone? It’s no accident that talented winemaker Annette Hilberg named this one for her daughter Alessandra. An amazing value from Piemonte and a no-brainer for this season, this one was born to chill! $17


Generally when we think of Nebbiolo we think of Piemonte, but there’s also Valtellina, in neighboring Lombardia. These expressions tend to be a little less ripe and a little more austere, due to the steep vineyards in this mountainous region. This jewel of a wine – very much the color of a ruby – brings a little more cherry and hint of smoke to the party. Easy-drinking with soft tannins that are light enough to take a slight chill as well. Would go very well with Mexican grilled corn or grilled sausages. “Gaudium” is from the Latin word for joy. Enjoy! $24


An under-the-radar Chianti that is still quite affordable, Castello di Selvole is the project of ex-journalist Guido Busetto, who spent most of his life in Japan reporting the news of the world before returning home to make some killer vino in a classic style. Red berries, crushed flowers, licorice and coffee beans Another classic tomato pairing (think red sauce or tomatoes in any form really) this wine would also absolutely kill with Barbacoa or brisket. Structured and balanced 100% Sangiovese with fine-grained tannins, bright acidity and a surprisingly long, harmonious finish, this wine ages for two years before entering the market. This one’s been in bottle an additional two. You do the math. $23


If you’re thinking of a really serious barbecue or maybe just a really big red, here comes the fire hose! Dino De Conciliis is a larger-than-life personality who aims to make wines with big personalities, wines that won’t stay in their box. And Aglianico is a robust red grape used to make a highly coveted full-bodied reds in Campania. The Donnaluna takes it to 11, showing a dark ruby color, with intense aromas of violets and licorice, complex and full-bodied with a long, velvety finish. BBQ loves Aglianico and Donnaluna is 90% Aglianico, 10% Primitivo 100% Delicious. $25

#CasaAlVento Winery in Chianti Classico Area …

#CasaAlVento Winery in Chianti Classico Area 🍇🇮🇹🍷Siamo a Gaiole in Chianti, uno dei comuni più noti e vocati del Chianti Classico.
La realtà in cui vi porterò oggi è Casa al Vento, nata da una intuizione avuta verso la fine degli anni ‘80 da Giuseppe Gioffreda.
Fra Giuseppe è questi ruderi immersi fra vigneti abbandonati fu subito amore… quel genere di amore che può e sa provare chi con il cuore e con la mente guarda oltre l’apparenza e coglie, in un istante, l’essenza di qualcosa o di qualcuno. Un’essenza che poteva e doveva fare da anima e da fondamenta a quella che sarebbe divenuta l’azienda @borgocasaalvento.
Non è stato semplice ristrutturare l’intero borgo ed altrettanto complesso è stato recuperare il recuperabile in vigna oltre all’impianto di nuovi vigneti.
E’ per questo che dapprima nasce l’azienda agrituristica Borgo Casa al Vento, divenuta simbolo dell’ospitalità a sfondo enogastronomico di questa zona, e successivamente la Cantina Casa al Vento che vede nella 2005 la prima annata di produzione ufficiale.
La filosofia aziendale è semplice e si fonda su tre esaustive ed eloquenti parole che corrispondono a 3 profondi valori: autenticità, territorio e passione. ➡️Continua  su ⬆️link in bio ⬆️
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On this hot summer’s day, I’ve got…

On this hot summer’s day, I’ve got Lakeview Cellars Morgan Vineyard #Kerner ($18) from Niagara in my glass. Coming to LCBO VINTAGES Aug 18. Full review here:

A collage of white wines to enjoy this summer.

A collage of white wines to enjoy this summer.

Another cheap, accessible, fun, carefree summe…

Another cheap, accessible, fun, carefree summer wine is Gruner Veltliner, from Austria. It is an amazing “first wine of the night” if you’re on a tasting tear and a nice, elegant white wine that thrives with a chill. Get your summer night started off with one soon!

Another summer white wine I feature perenniall…

Another summer white wine I feature perennially is Verdicchio, an Italian white wine designed for pairing with seafood…so much so that it literally comes in fish-shaped bottles in Italy! Get some and pair it with shellfish, seafood pasta or any fish off the grill this summer!

If you read Corkshrewd, you already know that …

If you read Corkshrewd, you already know that I promote Torrontes as a fun, cheap, delicious summer white wine. Just thought I’d do that again, for old times’ sake 😉

A good lineup of New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs …

A good lineup of New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs fit for the summer.

Everyone knows I love Wine Folly’s graphics an…

Everyone knows I love Wine Folly’s graphics anyway and often feature them on Corkshrewd. This one is a favorite, however, for so many reasons. First, I love both of these wines and have served them both at tastings. Second, summer (now) is prime time for crisp, chilled, fresh Sauvignon Blanc. Third, for Sauvignon Blanc lovers (or people just getting into it), I strongly encourage you to try all the expressions of this grape. Touraine (the “Old World” bottle above) is classic, often a bit earthy, and perfect with goat cheese. Brancott (the “New World” bottle above) is zippy, lively, tart New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc–perfect for first courses, grilled shrimp with lime, or cooling down on a hot summer night. Please, try both of these styles–not bottles, but types of wine! You’ll see what this grape has to offer!