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It’s still true that no vessel, once opened, keeps wine as fresh as a box. (Unless you want a whole keg – in which case, get in touch! We got you!) But when it comes to having something handy in the fridge at all times, boxes are very hard to beat. Oxygen is the enemy and the vacuum seal is your friend. We’ve been carrying a wide variety of boxed wine for a long time, and tonight, we’ll be drinking inside the box with Kent Johnson Wine Consultingand Communal Brands – AKA SYNTH-POP GENIUS KENT ODESSA!  It is still August here in the city (as in many places, we hear) and everything will be CHILLED. Our A/C is cranking as always in the Shrine of Wine and of course we’ll have the WINE, BREAD, CHEESE, and VINYL!

Schplïnk, Grüner Veltliner Box 2018

We’ve been big fans of this bright, citrusy Grüner since Kent first brought it through our door.  Beach, park, backyard… The high-acid and mineral background keep it clean no matter what the scene. Easy-pleasy-lemon-squeezy. Is there any good reason not to buy this box in August?  Organic grapes, spontaneous fermentation.  $32

Hérisson, Rosé 2018

Fruit from vineyards around the village of La Sylve in the Herault department of the Languedoc. The aim was to produce a fresh, balanced, and expressive rosé and we think the results will speak for themselves. Oh, and why the hedgehog? They couldn’t resist its utter adorableness, and they love hedgehogs. One person here said “Frickin’ delicious!”  Put on your Bo Jacksons and come on down. Vegan & very chillable.  $30  

Hérisson, Coteaux Bourguignons Rouge 2017

Classic passetoutgrains-style red from Gamay & Pinot Noir, 100% estate fruit from Domaine Rochebin’s vineyards around Mâcon. Nice and easy, medium-bodied, red-fruited. Backyard BBQ, rooftop, gallery opening, or just in the fridge – this box fits like a sharkskin suit! Just ask Candy-O! Vegan and bulletproof!  $34



José Pastor Selections at the Lions Club Bar!

You might not have noticed but New York City right now is the best place to drink wine ever! And José Pastor is a good example of why; bringing us wines that are made without destroying people or the planet, from vines that grow in harmony with the ecosystem and geology around them. It’s true everyone’s been talking about “wines of place” forever but still, we get closer and closer. And that’s why we tend toward wines that come and go quickly. They’re real agricultural products made in small batches. José Pastor is a great example of that. And our pal Nick (also the founder and host of En Rama, the world’s greatest and only pop-up Sherry bar) will be behind the bar tonight pouring some truly amazing wines from Spain & one from Portugal – also amazing, naturally. There’s deep red from Lisboa, there’s killer Godello from Valdeorras, there’s one of the world’s finest Cava, and there’s a still white from one of the Cava grapes, Xarel-lo.  


Júlia Bernet, Cava Brut Nature Ingenius (NV)

In the small Catalan town of Subirats lives a wine grower by the name of Xavier Bernet. Here at his winery, named for his daughter Julia, he produces Cava with poise and precision. These are pure wines indicative of terroir and varietal, part of a small yet growing movement to help restore the reputation of Cava as fine wine, associated with the CORPINNAT movement away from commercial winemaking.  After separate vinification of “Xarel·lo” and “Chardonnay” grapes, the cuvee is made up of 80% of “Xarel·lo” and 20% of Chardonnay grapes, then elaborated in the traditional method.  Drink this anytime, with or without anything.  Organic, no sulfites added, minimum 18 months in bottle.   $20

Joan Rubio, Essencial Xarel-lo

Xarel-lo has been mostly known here as a Cava grape, but still wines have always been made and more and more they make their way to us.  This one is – how shall we say? – particularly dope!  Rubio was making wine at Recaredo, another favorite Cava house, for years.  He’s only been making wine under his own name since 2015.  Joan has recovered the old facilities where his grandparents made wine from the grapes on their small estate and  practices biodynamic agriculture, with minimal tilling and leaving vegetation cover in place.  In the winery everything works by gravity, draining and not pressing, with as little intervention as possible, thereby obtaining wines that are sincere and highly authentic.  Essencial is a natural white from three small vineyards planted in chalky soils, a fluid wine that is fresh and crisp with an intense floral nose. The palate is silky with a very long finish. Organic, biodynamic.  $20  

Adega Regional de Colares, Chão Rijo Lisboa Tinto 2015

Vivid cherry and leather Tempranillo from near Lisbon.  Colares is in a beautiful area right on the ocean, a choice place for city dwellers to create weekend homes. For the past fifty or so years, vineyards have been replaced by beach houses, chipping away at the Colares DO (a mere 12 acres remain). Because of the sandy soils, Colares was able to escape phylloxera and is the only region in Portugal where American rootstock didn’t need to be extensively used. Planting the vines is painstaking; you dig into the sand until you hit clay, which can be a far as nine feet down. The combination of the work involved with maintaining the vineyards and the value of the real estate has threatened the vineyards with extinction. Thankfully, Adega Regional de Colares is putting enormous energy into keeping Colares alive. The wines are impeccably balanced with a sandy texture and vivid flavors that could only come from the influence of the Atlantic.  Lutte Raisonée.  $20

Vina Somoza, Valdeorras Godello Neno 2015

Vibrant acidity, fresh stone fruit, striking mineralogy and overall balance and beauty make this our pick for Godello of the year! Viña Somoza was founded in 2001 by Victor Fernández with the goal of recovering vineyards in Valdorras to preserve Galician traditions of winemaking. They have made numerous technical strides in the cellar over the years, especially with the recent hiring of Javier García Alonso in 2015. The majority of their plantings are Godello, however, Javier has also been working with some red varietals since he came aboard, such as Mencía, Garnacha Tintorera, and the nearly forgotten Brancellao.  He currently spends a day or two each week in Galicia working with the Somoza wines; the rest of his week is spent up in the Sierra de Gredos mountain range, tending to his remote Albillo and Garnacha vines for his other project, 4 Monos.  The Neno is 100% Godello from several parcels with varied soils, elevations and expositions.   Organic.  $25

🍷TASTING TONIGHT 6-8PM🍷 @nickafricano is beh…

🍷TASTING TONIGHT 6-8PM🍷 @nickafricano is behind the bar pouring stellar Spanish and Portuguese bottles from @jpselections These wines are small batch beauties that you’re gonna wanna taste! Plus 🧀 @mongerspalate 🥖 @shewolfbakery and 🎶 @officialphilcollins 🤷‍♀️ #dandylovesyou #greenpoint #drinkwine #naturalwine #winetasting #cava #xarello #godello #valdeorras #chãorijo #lisboa (at Dandelion Wine)



(but seriously, drink some water, add cucumber or lemon!, in between all the wine you may consume this weekend, it’s gonna be hot AF)

Stone Cold Chillers:  Wines to Fridge Right F*ing Now!

It’s going to be a HOT weekend – our sources say Sunday temperatures will feel like 105. SO, our dear friend Ariel from Savio Saores takes her place behind the Lions Club Bar tonight to run us through a lineup of organic & natural wines that are eminently CHILLABLE! We love rosé of course, and we also do believe as point of religious faith that bubbles are the best answer to any question. But this time of year demands a full quiver of refreshment options, and it can be a challenge to know which other wines will perform well VERY COLD. Tonight we’re pouring a CHILLABLE RED, as well as a CLEAN MINERAL WHITE. We also have on hand a GRIS choice – these are essentially pink or orange-skinned grapes (in this case Pinot Gris) that can create a lightly tinted wine depending on the amount of skin contact during the fermentation process. And our personal fave for chilling these days is CO-FERMENTED RED & WHITE! (Yes that’s sort of rosé.) We’re talking about a lot of fun for your FRIDGE! You bring your legitimate concern for your thermal future – we’ll have the WINE, BREAD, CHEESE, and VINYL!

UIVO, Renegado 2018

This really might be our favorite kind of wine at the moment: co-fermented red & white grapes and lots of ‘em! In this case the blend includes as many as forty varieties – YES, it’s Portugal! – roughly half red and half white. It’s wholly delicious, and amazing in the fridge. Folias de Baco makes this wine from field-blended grapes grown in the Cimacorgo area of the Douro Valley. White varieties include gouveio, rabigato, donzelinho, malvasia fina & viosinho; red varieties include rufete, tinta barroca, touriga franca, mourisco, and tinta roriz (aka tempranillo). Obviously there are many more and they’re all from 80 year old vines planted on 2 hectares of schist and granite, hand harvested separately and sorted in the vineyard. Sound complex and beautiful? Yup. Like Joanna Maçanita, who was behind the bar last month, Winemaker Tiago Sampaio is also part of the revolution in the Douro, pushing the boundaries and producing wines some might not expect out of such a traditional region. Organic, natural & unfiltered. $18

Schlossmühlenhof, Boden Funk 2018

Another summer love! From the Rheinhessen, this slightly spritzy Grauer Burgunder (aka pinot gris) shows amazing dirty pink and yellow fruit against a backdrop of volcanic ash. Yet it’s a very clean sipper! This is a wine that’s as hard to describe as it is hard to forget, and somewhat addictive. The Schloss Mühlenhof property has been in the family since 1846 but was mostly focused on producing rye and wheat until the 1920’s, when the vineyards became the focus. Now in the hands of the sixth generation, the farm operates 100% organically and the focus in the cellar is on purity and freshness. Knowing their soils for so long (mostly limestone combinations), the family does capture a clear minerality and a distinct spirit from each varietal. Crisp and delicious.  Organic & unfiltered.$20

Mas d’Agalis, Vin de France Yo No Puedo Mas 2017

If you’ve eaten in Montreal in the last few years, well, you know that it’s awesome. But you might also have noticed that this wine is on pretty much every list. It’s also fairly ubiquitous in New York and for good reason. We’re very big fans of this vintage in particular with it’s up-front dark red fruit flavors and characteristic hint of ferrous granite. This is carignan, syrah, mourvedre, and grenache, grown on clay and limestone, about 40 kilometers northwest of Montpélier in the Languedoc. Lionel Maurel is of the fourth generation of winemakers in his family, but he broke from the ways of his father and grandfather who previously sold their grapes to co-ops, choosing instead to make and sell his own wines in 2004. Above all, he seeks to reflect the vintage in his wines and that is clearly in evidence here. Aged about 12 to 18 months in the barrel. Organic, natural, unfiltered. And chillable!! $20

Domaine Augis, Touraine Elegance 2017

We can’t have enough Sauvignon Blanc from Touraine these days. We often suggest these wines for people looking for something as crisp and mineral as Sancerre but at a lower price. The Aguis is vibrant with mineral notes, citrus, herbs, and a little gooseberry. Very clean and easy drinking, this wine comes from 25yr old Sauvignon Blanc vines growing on “perruches” (flinty-clay) soils with grasses planted in between. Aged on lees for a year before bottling.  Philippe is the 5th generation at Domaine Augis.  Organic, natural & seriously crushable. $16

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🇸🇮🍾 THURSDAY NIGHT TASTING 6-8PM: @tarapieceofpaper @blacklambwine is behind the bar pouring @kabajwines Just-landed orange wines of Pinot Gris and Rebula as well as a very delicious Pinot Noir Pet-Nat! Plus 🧀 @mongerspalate, 🥖@shewolfbakery, the best 🌬 in town and 🤘vinyl all night long. #drinkwine #petnat #pinotgris #rebula #petnat #pinotnoir #slovenia #kebaj #jeanmichelmorel #blacklamb #rocknroll #greenpoint #winetasting (at Greenpoint, Brooklyn)



The Lions Club Lays Down with the Lamb: Killer Kabaj!!!

Our old friend Tara of Black Lamb joins us tonight to pour wines from what is undoubtedly the most exciting winery in Slovenia. Kabaj
almost needs no introduction and Tara will run through some of the
deets tonight, but you might already know that Dandelion Wine has worked
with the wines of French winemaker Jean Michel Morel for
years. He himself has been behind the tasting bar many times. We pretty
much love all his wines all the time, but we couldn’t be more excited
about his Pinot Noir Pet-Nat! Come join us tonight to taste through some
serious Slovenian!

Let there be WINE, BREAD, CHEESE, and VINYL

Kabaj, San Lurinz Corvus Pet-Nat 2018

delicious. Also very refrehsing. This 100% Pinot Noir Pet-Nat (!) was
just what everyone wanted after a marathon Manhattan bar-crawl recently –
the cheers literally shook the rafters of a certain West Village
basement bar when we first tasted this as many fans of this house
celebrated the arrival of this fantastic wine. Savory strawberry, orange
peel and most of all rhubarb! Bubbs just right. Clean, pretty
finish. Try with pretty much “anything humans can consume.” $30

Kabaj, Sivi Pinot 2015

trees are not the forest,” the poet wrote. But what did she mean? That
some people flash through our lives in an instant while others entwined
be their souls with our very own? Or that some trees were of such a
singular nature that we remember them apart from their vast leafy
society? If you were lucky enough to get some of the last vintage of
Sivi Pinot you’ll be thinking on the latter interpretation. If you love
orange wine, don’t miss this one. If you don’t love orange wine, we
recommend trying this one. If you love savory rosé or really good
carnitas, the wind in your hair or the light of the golden hour… $25


is one of Kabaj’s core wines, showcasing their local terroir, just
across the border from Italy’s Collio, most well-known for its richly
textured, expressive whites. Goriška Brda is a hilly land of vineyards,
orchards and olive groves is uniquely positioned between the Alps and
the Adriatic, and the Kabaj family has grown grapes here for
generations. Up until the late 80’s, like most families in the region,
their harvest went to the local State cooperative. In the late 80’s
Katja Kabaj married a French enologist Jean Michel Morel who she met
while he was working at various wineries in neighboring Collio, Italy.
The first vintage of Kabaj was in 93’. They are justly famous for making
exceptional orange wine, and this Rebula, 30 days on the skins. Elegant
and textured rather than oxidative and overly extracted, it’s depths
are evident even as it dances across the palate with brassy notes of
orchard fruit and river rock. $27

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Zinfandel Dynasty: Bedrock Wine Company’s Deep American Roots

Quiet revolutionary Morgan-Twain Peterson started making wine when he was five years old! He is the son of California legend Joel Peterson. With his “partner-in-crime" Chris Cottrell, Morgan makes some this country’s most
visionary wines under the Bedrock label. Dandelion’s own Matt Nelsen
works with him as well, assisting with harvests and also creating video evidence of the work they’re
doing. Matt will be behind the Lions Club Bar tonight to walk you
through some of this amazing wine and we’ll be chilling in the AC,
discussing the terroir that makes it all happen. Please join us for an
eye-opening and delicious deep dive into these unique American beauties.

Bedrock Wine Co, Ode to Lulu Sonoma Valley Rose 2018

first taste of the wonderful 2018 vintage. With this offering,
owner/winemaker Morgan Twain-Peterson has paid homage to Lulu Peyroud of
Domaine Tempier, an estate that fashions great Bandol rosés. This blend
of 50% old vine Mourvedre, 30% old-vine Carignan and 20% Grenache from
vines planted between 1888 and 1922 is a killer, strikingly
Provencal-style rose. It possesses a light pink color, crisp acids,
medium to full-bodied flavors, and tremendous intensity as well as
character. Fresh, perfumed, bright, clean, dense, and delicious. $25

Bedrock Wine Co, Old Vine Zinfandel 2017

honestly made Zinfandel at a reasonable price is a tall order, but
Morgan & Chris come through vintage after vintage. In
2017, they were able to put extra focus on the great quality in Contra
Costa County (27%), Dry Creek (12%), Sonoma Valley (17%), Alexander
Valley (11%), and Lodi (10%) to create a delicious, balanced and juicy
wine. Old-school
meets new, with just enough polish and plumpness to match the binary
rusticity. Offering expressive black cherry, smoky anise and white
pepper flavors. $27

Bedrock Wine Co, Lorenzo’s Heritage Dry Creek Valley 2016

vines at Teldeschi Ranch, this is a muscular and dense wine composed of
Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Carignan along with small amounts of
field-blended Cinsault, Peloursin and Vaccarese. The richness of Dry
Creek Zinfandel is balanced here by elegant, knife-like Carignan and
feral, wild Petite Sirah that come from distinct blocks at John
Teldeschi’s ranch. This wine should give years of enjoyment as the
layers begin to unfurl. Full-bodied with copious notes of charcuterie,
roasted meat, Provencal herbs, lavender and spice box. Powerful,
brooding and explosive, Lorenzo has a lot to say. $50

Bedrock Wine Co, Sonoma Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Montecillo Vineyard 2016

and tightly wound, the 2016 is nevertheless quite expressive, with
tremendous aromatic and flavor intensity to match the firm, hillside
tannins. Farmed by Chuy Ordaz, this survivor Cabernet Sauvignon site
makes intense, old-school, mountain Cab that retains great refinement.
The 2016 is a classic example of the site, showing the gorgeous cassis,
pipe tobacco, camphor and pepper. Hints of cedar, tobacco, licorice and
leather gradually develop in the glass. $100