SUNDAY SNACKS 🧂🍷 #drinkwine #allthedamntime …

SUNDAY SNACKS 🧂🍷 #drinkwine #allthedamntime #summersnacks #pâtéissogood (at Mastic Beach Village)

Two of your favorite pet-nats are back in stoc…

Two of your favorite pet-nats are back in stock… for now! Rainbows don’t last forever y’all, get ‘em while you can!!🌈💥👟⚡️ #glugglugglug #drinkwine #petnat #poptop #bub #bubbles #glouglou #naturalwine #greenpoint (at Dandelion Wine)

2016 Domaine du Pavillon de Chavannes Côte de …

2016 Domaine du Pavillon de Chavannes Côte de Brouilly Cuvée des Ambassades

Gettin’ my game face on for Saturday night! Small red fruit, raspberries, stone, and red flowers on the nose. Loads of raspberries, a hint of underripe cherries, and stony minerality on the palate. 

4/5 bones



12.5% abv

Côte de Brouilly (Beaujolais), FRANCE

@fieldrecordingswine “Freddo” from Paso Robles…

@fieldrecordingswine “Freddo” from Paso Robles. Natural, carbonic, juicy & light Sangiovese with notes of cherry, plum & lavender. Label turns blue when it’s properly chilled! Backyard, beach or grill ready! 🥶🍷🍒💦 #drinkwine #naturalwine #fieldrecordings #sangiovese #pasorobles #moodlabel #chilledred (at Dandelion Wine)

🍷  TGIF! Enjoying 2016 Wakefield Jaraman Ca…

🍷  TGIF! Enjoying 2016

Wakefield Jaraman Cabernet Sauvignon

(89 pts) from Australia tonight. Coming to LCBO VINTAGES this weekend. Full review:

2016 Emile Beyer Pinot Noir Tradition

2016 Emile Beyer Pinot Noir Tradition

Chillin’ like a villain with my Alsatian Pinot. Juicy cherries, raspberries, and cranberries on the nose with a whiff of stone and dried red flowers. Great mix of fruit – cherries, raspberries, and strawberries – on the palate with nice acidity.

4/5 bones


Pinot Noir

13.5% abv

Alsace, FRANCE



TENSLEY WINE COMPANY:  Delicious, classic, affordable California

– we said delicious, affordable, and California all at once. This is is
generally one of those situations where you can only pick two. And
that’s why we’re excited about Joey Tensley. He started out in 1998 with
very small production intending to make wines that let some of the
unique and little-known vineyards of Santa Barbara County speak for
themselves. Almost twenty years later Tensley is well-known for
producing excellent wines in this region, one of the only growing areas
in the world with a mountain range that runs east-west. That aspect
creates a lot of different microclimates. While Tensley and its
reputation continue to grow, Joey remains true to his original
philosophy: “Get out of the way and let the vineyard speak for
itself.” Tonight, our good friend Paul from T. Edward Wines will be behind the Lions Club Bar pouring three Tensley wines for you. It is August, and two of them will be CHILLED. A/C is cranking as always in the Shrine of Wine and of course we’ll have the WINE, BREAD, CHEESE, and VINYL!

Tensley Wine Company, Joey Tensley Chardonnay Central Coast 2017

us, drinking this wine is kind of like going back in time – a classic
early California Chardonnay designed for drinking but before industrial
farming and cynical winemaking set in and everyone got all upset and the
reputation of Chardonnay was twisted forever. This is as good a time as
any to remind ourselves that Chardonnay is simply one of the world’s
greatest grapes. It can grow almost anywhere and it’s essentially
neutral so it will take in the terroir like nobody’s business. In this
case that’s the sunny California Coast
running from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, an area famous for its
profound natural beauty and for making world class Chardonnay. $20

Tensley Wine Company, Santa Barbara County Syrah Lite 2018

Syrah “LITE” comes from a Coastal vineyard in Santa Barbara from fruit
that was harvested less ripe than most grapes in the area. Syrah is what
Tensley is most known for, and in this case has the skill to bend the
beast without breaking it. This Vin de Pays version
is just the kind of wine we’re looking for most of the time these
days. Try one of our favorite tricks – hold it up to the light and
imagine drinking it cold. Then drink it of course. Indigenous yeast and
six months in neutral barrel. Organic & very chillable.  $17

Tensley Wine Company, Joey Tensley Cabernet Sauvignon Central Coast 2017

Damn. Somebody’s
been practicing. That’s what we thought when first tasted this –
Tensley is just a good wine maker. It’s really that simple. This wine
defies flavor profile expectations for cabernet where it’s grown and yet
is also classic cab. Delicious deep red and black fruit
flavors, cassis and a little spice, nicely integrated tannins. It’s a
wine that is sure to please many looking for bigger reds and it’s also a
fantastic barbecue wine. From Guyot trained vines, the wine sees 8 months in French oak with no more than 15% of that new.  $20

🍷👅TASTING TONIGHT 6-8PM! @heartofthebeat fro…

🍷👅TASTING TONIGHT 6-8PM! @heartofthebeat from is behind the bar pouring wines exclusively from @tensleywines DELICIOUS, CLASSIC, AFFORDABLE CALIFORNIA! Yes, it IS possible… #drinkwine #californiawine #joeytensleywine #tensleywineco #chardonnay #syrah #cabernetsauvignon #greenpoint #goingtocali (at Dandelion Wine)

🍷  It’s Wine Wednesday! Enjoying this lovely …

🍷  It’s Wine Wednesday! Enjoying this lovely

$19 Closerie des Alisiers Bourgogne Aligoté (89 pts) from Burgundy tonight. Coming to LCBO VINTAGES this weekend. Full review here:

2016 Dog Point Pinot Noir

2016 Dog Point Pinot Noir

Just sheebin’ around with my bud here, enjoying a yummy New Zealand Pinot. Cherries, plums, twigs, sapling, dried herbs, and spice box on the nose. Dark cherries and plums on the palate with vanilla and herb notes. 

4/5 bones


Pinot Noir

13% abv

Marlborough, NEW ZEALAND